My Favourite Houseplant – Various staff

Following on from Ben Jackson’s excellent piece on the benefits of greenery in your home, we asked the staff to tell us about their favourite houseplants.

You’ll notice our responders are largely millenials. Younger people are supposedly more interested in houseplants because they are less likely to have a garden.

Mr Millington

This is a Dracaena angustifoila (Dragon tree). It is a seriously hardy plant and can withstand an amazing amount of time without being watered (possibly why it has survived in my house for so long). This particular plant was given to us when we first moved to Holbrook. About a year ago it was re-potted and over a month it almost doubled in size. It is a very low maintenance plant but is very architectural and striking.

Miss Shopova

Monstera: I love it because ‘she’ is so big and happy. Who doesn’t love a statement plant in the lounge.

Dracaena: a statement one for the entrance 😀

Schefflera: I love the funny leaves – air purifying.

Epipremnum (I don’t even try to use the Latin name) or Devil’s ivy. I absolutely love it because I already killed one, and replace it and this one has grown so big and happy

Parlour palm – makes a cosy spot for Plok (dog) his personal oasis

Cacti – small and cute perfect for a window ceil

Miss Fenwick

Here is a photo of Billy (the plant) and Luna (the cat). Billy is Luna’s favourite houseplant because he’s good for climbing up and chewing on. What more can an adventurous little kitten dream of?

However my personal favourite plant at this time of year is Persephone the Poinsettia because she makes it feel like Christmas in my living room!

Mr Hodson

I love my Monstera, or ‘swiss cheese’ plant. I’ll admit I loved it a little less when I saw how much more impressive Miss Shopova’s is, but it’s still a fine plant. The leaf structure is a great example of plant adaptation to suit environment; the holes allow light through large, outer leaves, to hit younger leaves. New leaves emerge as a cigar roll before fanning open. There is one in this pic – can you spot it?

Senecio rowleyanus. String of beads. Loves steam from the kettle.

A form of crassula arborescens, I think… Small but perfectly formed. This tiny pot came all the from Ukraine. Also, one of many plants we have which are a result of Mrs Hodson-Langer’s talent with cuttings and propagation.

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