‘Enough is Enough’ My Rant Against Humanity –Lucy Jenkins

I’ve never been one to take interest in global warning and climate change. That was before I realised that my generation and those after me will quite possibly be affected by these issues. We are destroying our planet. I was in a P.S.H.E. lesson when some important ideas were suddenly enlightened to me . This analogy by Greta Thunberg, last month’s P.S.H.E. hero, ignited a spark of passion; when your house is on fire, you don’t wait until you’ve been burnt to put it out. Rather, you panic and act. Humans must act as if their house – the planet – is on fire, because we are on the brink of mass destruction.

I don’t want to get political because my knowledge only goes so far, but I feel the government are just brushing this matter aside, as if they will deal with it later. But when is that? Further research on this matter led me to an article in ‘The Guardian’ entitled ‘We have 12 Years to Limit Climate Change Catastrophe’. The sight of this gave me chills; the knowledge that if we don’t take action this instant the damage we create will be irreversible. This fear may not be shared by everyone but I worry that in my lifetime the ice in the Artic could melt, my own country, England, could be under water and vast swathes of planet earth could be desert. Humans are at risk. It’s as Mrs. Callaghan says “the world is a body heating itself up to get rid of a virus and we are the pathogen”.

The issue of Brexit is clouding our vision and the government is failing to act. Why should they care as much as me? After all, members of parliament, all of whom are much older than me, won’t live to see the consequences of their reckless behaviour. It is my generation that will suffer, even though it was not our doing. At the moment we are powerless. Only they have the ability to stop the destruction but they take no action and this is simply not fair.

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