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The American general election is set to take place tomorrow, on the 8th of November. The polls are becoming closer and closer and some ballots have already opened across the states. Both candidates have advantages and disadvantages of why they would be good for America but I believe Donald Trump is the best we can hope for out of the candidates on offer, and here’s why. An enormous amount of Trumps supporters are what are known as “silent voters” people who have been pushed into the shadows by America’s bullies – the sneering, “we know better than you” establishment classes. Of course there is the odd hill billy who holds up his M4 on Fox News proclaiming that “Anyone outside of the USA is an A-rab” but many are just average America citizens who believe Trump is the best man for the job, and they have good reason to do so.

Trump isn’t reliant on donors. He is wealthy and successful enough to pay for his own campaign, run his own media advertisements and pay for his own staff. This means he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but the people. Trump won’t have large donors telling him how to run the country which means he can act solely in the interest of the country and not those wealthy fat cats who give billions to presidential candidates in order to have a hold in the White House, as has happened in the past.

DJT – A hero ahead of his time or a perfect storm of presidential proportions?

Not only this but you may have noticed that Trump doesn’t have much of a filter. But where you see a loudmouth, I see honesty. Where you see a lack of filter, I see transparency. Where you see a man who gaffes, I see a man who is willing to wipe the cancer of political correctness out of American society. Where you see a loose cannon, I see a man who says what he means and means what he says. This is a breath of fresh air in American politics, Trump goes against the traditional career politician that isn’t supposed to shake things up to much while in office. The establishment wants people to select another perfectly malleable politician, reliant on donors and one that is republican but not unlike a democratic, well the people of America have reached a tipping point. They want someone with sound convictions who will stick to them, someone who isn’t afraid to say what is necessary to ensure an America that protects Americans. Someone…. like Donald Trump.

This is just a very brief summary of why I feel Donald Trump would make the best president out of the choices offered (better than Clinton, at least) but I urge you to read about his policies before following the crowd just because the news tells you to. Think for your self and stick with your convictions, just like Donald Trump does.

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  • November 7, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    You make some interesting points, Tom, but I have some contentions…

    If you fear candidates being in the pay of fat-cat businessmen, then surely Trump’s own self-interest as a businessman could muddy his approach to, say, taxation. Indeed Trump believes in tax cuts for the wealthy, surprise, surprise.

    I agree that a politician who isn’t afraid to speak his mind – Trump referring to his habitual tax avoidance as ‘smart’ was a fine instance! – is a refreshing change. Again though, the nature of his honesty concerns me: he seems to lack any real insight into politics, hence why most of his policy remarks sound like off-the-cuff, populist gibberish. As an oratorical point, note how often Trump follows the word ‘never’ with ‘ever’ – e.g. ‘never ever give up’ – such tics betoken the lack of depth in his thinking.

    Hillary Clinton is no dream candidate, but Trump would be a farce. He might win though.

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