Prefect Thought Of The Week: Fitting In – Molly Williamson

Prefect Thought of the Week – Fitting in

I have come to the conclusion that trying to fit in is both exhausting and totally not worth it in the long run. Trying to fit in can feel so inviting, because it just seems easier to stick with the trend, follow the crowd, stay within the prescribed social constructs, all in to avoid hate. The need for acceptance is a basic human instinct, its a method of survival. And how do we achieve this? We change ourselves to suit the environment we are in. Whether this is through what we say, how we say it, how we dress or what music we listen to, we mould ourselves ever so slightly to encourage our acceptance. But should we do this? Sandpaper ourselves down to suit society, become this social chameleon. The ultimate question which stems from this is if people won’t accept you for who you really are, are they even worth it?

I have thought about this quite a lot and I have decided that it’s a waste of time. The people who are meant to accept you will walk into your life, and those who don’t, you need to let walk straight out of it. Difference is something we should all celebrate but something, especially at our age, people can struggle to accept. We can’t all be everyone’s cup of tea, and by dulling yourself down all you do is lose what makes you, you. Even across the six years that I have been at RHS I have noticed how people increasingly like your differences as you get older, it is what makes you interesting. Being distinctive isn’t a bad thing, it just means you are being brave enough to be yourself. Don’t let whatever your difference is go, cling onto it, and find those who love you for it. What makes you different right now can be the one thing to make you stand out later. So if you take anything from the last last minute and a half, be unapologetically, undeniably, unashamedly you, and rise above fitting it.

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