8 Types of People You Find When the Snow Comes

  1. ELSA – Those who think that they have turned into Elsa from frozen overnight and cant stop melodically asking you if you want to partake in erecting a figure made of snow

2. THE OVERPROTECTIVE ONE – People who treat it like a pet, “It’s just so pretty don’t step on it”

3. THE SNAPCHATTERS – The people who feel some kind of necessary compulsion to post the snow on their Snapchat stories as if no one else knows it is snowing and then there’s Max Wou Smith who complains about them

4. THE WEATHER FORECASTERS – The ones who can tell you that at 7:38pm snowfall will commence, then at 9:26pm it becomes only a 70% chance of snowfall and that in the morning we will see 2.53 inches exactly. They aren’t really suited to the job, but check the Met Office every 10 minutes to inform you.

5. THE LAZY ONES – The people who use snow as an excuse for not being outside and instead it makes me feel less guilty for sitting on their backside watching Netflix or gaming

6. HARD LADS – The guys who wear next to nothing because they think they have some inherent inability to feel cold and show feel some sort of obligation to show this off


PC Du Toit

CWD - Y11

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