Easy Ways to Improve Wellbeing- Carla Mini

In honour of Well-being week, the Peer Support team would like to offer you 10 easy steps which you could take in order to ensure a healthier body and mindset, as well as ways of removing stress from your agenda.

1) Keep on top of your work so that you can maximise leisure time which is ideal to clear your head from any negativity

2) Surround yourself with friends and family; exchange thoughts and feelings, shift your focus away from your school work

3) Eat three balanced meals with a snack at break times; prioritise fruit over chocolate as they offer many more vitamins which are key in helping with concentration as well as being scientifically proven in making us happier

4) Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day; this could range from walking, to hockey practice, to horse riding, or even swimming

5) Once all your preps are up to scratch, put on some meditation and clear your headspace from any negativity; you can do so whilst sitting on a chair or even lying in bed

6) Tidy your room and work space; doing so has immediate effects on decluttering your brain as well as making your space much more enjoyable to be in, it also allows more motivation in completing any work

7) Try out new things; during this week, more activities will be put on for you to try out and to experience. Make sure you take full advantage of these and who knows, you may even find a new hobby!

8) Be kind; not that you shouldn’t be on a daily basis, but ensure that you go out of your way to ensure that everyone is happy and thought of. Who knows what someone may be going through, a simple “Hi, how are you, how have your lessons been?” Could be enough to change someone’s day for the best

9) Don’t forget to ask yourself: “Am I okay?”- your body is your vessel and your brain is the engine behind it, in order to advance and to ensure full efficiency, it is your duty to prioritise your well-being

10) And finally, be positive. As long as you are positive and spread positivity, you will become a magnet to all things positive coming your way

We all wish you a very happy well-being week and do sincerely hope that you take on our advice and make positive changes for the best!
Peer Support Team 2017-2018

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