Staff Rant #3 – Mrs Kemsley

Things that drive me bonkers (in no particular order):

  1. Bottle-flipping. I think you know why…
  2. Going to bed too cold and then waking up too hot. How does that even happen..?
  3. Theresa May holding Trump’s hand as though he’s not a racist bigot.
  4. When my dog is sick on my bed.
  5. The word ‘bae’. Year 7 – I kid you not – “Bro you totally stole my bae!” WHAT DOES THAT MEEEAN?
  6. Finding odd shoes. Where do all the other shoes go?
  7. When my classroom isn’t warm enough to bring red wine to the right temperature. Which is not the primary purpose of my classroom, incidentally.
  8. People who bring cake to break in the staff room. Yes, I know you’re being lovely but now I have eaten a whole gateau.
  9. Un-stuck-in sheets. Who knows where they will be in a week’s time.
  10. That netball is played in January. Otherwise known as the month when people lose feeling in their extremities.

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