Bounce, don’t break – Carla Mini

It’s anti-bullying week, now for many of you this may not mean much, as surely every week should be ‘anti-bullying week’; but as you’ve been told on several accounts, RHS has a strong ethos around this topic. In the school society, we do not and will not accept any form of bullying, and luckily we have not been exposed to severe bullying in the past which we aim to continue.

Now, we do not want you to read a double side of A4 on what bullying is and what you should do about it, as we have all been informed of this on many occasions during PSHE lessons and chapel talks. However, we do want to make it clear that there are places you can turn to, no matter how big or small the worry or sadness is, it should be dealt with rather than left to simmer.

The fear of being called a ‘snitch’ is something that lingers around the subject like a bad smell. As part of your peer support team of this year, we really want to get the message across that no matter who comes to us, whatever the problem, it will remain anonymous, unless exceptional circumstances. Privacy is something we take great care about, and we understand how daunting it may be to seek help, but no matter how scary it may seem, we all follow in each other’s footsteps, and no matter what you are going through, we promise, you are not alone.

Hopefully by wearing odd socks you were able to reflect how difference is a good thing, as nobody ever made a difference by being the same. The peer support team are here to help you, as a mentor, a friend, and someone who understands. Any member is contactable through the email address and on our regular visits to houses. Remember bounce, don’t break.

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