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An Education in Allyship – Gray Holland

Under all the terrible news that constantly permeates the political and social spheres of the world

A short from Warsaw – RHS Alumnus 2017

Francois Hildebrandt left RHS last year with strong A-level results, including in film studies, his passion.

The Weinstein Scandal – Gray Holland

With more coming out of the woodwork seemingly every minute, the dominoes that have tumbled following

VIDEO: ‘BK Drums’ – Harry Bone Knell; dir. Jack Harman


Macbeth’s Video Diary: Act 1 – Charlie France and Patrick Wiseman


Who Would Win In A Shakespearean Face-Off – Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch? – Miss Morris

If you have been in a class with me during the last few years, and we’ve

Sympathy For The Devils: Reinterpreting the Macbeths – Miss Morris

The latest film version of Macbeth invites us to view these canonical villains in a more

First rule? Just make sure you watch it! – Gray Holland on ‘Fight Club’

An absolutely stellar film which you really should not watch when tired (from personal experience), and

Why I will not be going to see La La Land – Gray Holland

It’s a film review, sort of, therefore spoiler alert. I’m a massive film fan. I usually

Spoiler alert! – Ella Finch

Day: the fifth of January, 2017 Place: the Chapel Force: awakened Rogue One first came to