Which Brooklyn 99 character are you? – Rosy F

Brooklyn 99 has been one of my favourite TV shows for a while now, and I am sure it is a favourite for many of you as well. With the extensive knowledge of this show that I have, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a quiz out of it and to share it with all of you. Whether you are like Terry or Amy, find out which character you are in this short quiz!

Question 1 – If you were only allowed to take one item on a desert island, which would you take?

A – nothing, you don’t need anything other than yourself

B – your favourite book

C – the last slice of pizza you had

D – your best friend

E – yogurt

F – your survival book that tells you everything you need to know

G – your phone

Question 2 – What is your favourite sport?

A – darts

B – rowing

C – F1 racing

D – gymnastics

E – weight-lifting

F – boxing

G – dancing

Question 3 – What is your main motivation in life?

A – vengeance against your enemies

B – to increase your knowledge

C – to be the coolest person ever

D – love for your friends and family

E – to better yourself

F – to beat everyone else at everything

G – to be famous

Question 4 – What is your favourite film genre?

A – horror

B – documentaries

C – action

D – comedy

E – romance

F – crime dramas

G – fantasy

Question 5 – How would you revise for an exam?

A – you just turn up to the exam

B – you do some extra reading to solidify your knowledge

C – You didn’t even realise there was an exam

D – you revise by making notes to give to your friend

E – you make posters

F – you spend ages categorising the specification into smaller, testable concepts

G – you plan to cheat using your phone


Mostly A – Rosa Diaz – The mysterious, cold hearted but supportive friend.

Mostly B – Captain Holt – the wise, emotionless and unintentionally funny friend.

Mostly C – Jake Peralta – the adventurous, fun and protective friend.

Mostly D – Charles Boyle – the reliable, selfless and emotional friend.

Mostly E – Terry Crews – the huge softie, creative and amicable friend

Mostly F – Amy Santiago – the insanely well organised and competitive friend

Mostly G – Gina Linetti – the determined, unique and deservedly centre of attention

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