Children’s Mental Health Week- Maddy Edmondson

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week so this is where I thought I would base my first ever Bubble article. Thinking about mental health, I am always taken back to something my granddad once said to me, whilst sat on his garden bench crying, he simply put his hand on mine and said ‘it doesn’t rain darling, it pours’. At the time I thought little of this but upon reflection I have learnt to realise just how right he was. In life often bad things do come at once and it feels as if everything is falling down around you. However, it cannot rain forever and even in the Amazon rainforest there are only 200 rainy days a year.

At a time of such uncertainty and negativity it is difficult to stay motivated and stay positive which means that taking care of your mental health is just as important as wearing a mast or sanitising your hands. I have put together a number of tips which you can use to help look after yourself and your friends.

  • Firstly, look after yourself by getting out of the house at least once a day for a walk or a drive I must admit me, and my sister are guilty of going to the McDonalds drive thru to have a break from online learning.
  • Delegate time for work and for rest for example, set yourself an hour after dinner to do that piece of prep but also set yourself time to do something which helps you to unwind. For many of you who know me I wind down by sitting and watching rubbish TV but for you this could be anything that brings you happiness!!
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks or emotions, I recommend writing these down on a piece of paper. This helps me to visualise everything that I need to do or everything that I am feeling which in turn helps me to process these thoughts.
  • I would also recommend doing some form of exercise whether this is a dance around the kitchen (which me and my dad are extremely guilty of and seeing Mr Edmondson’s robot dance moves are enough to increase anyone’s mental wellbeing!!) or a 10-mile run!! Put on your favorite songs and get moving, this helps to release endorphins which boost mood and exercise also helps improve the quality of sleep which in turn improve your mood.
  • Lastly, chat to a friend, teacher, family member or even a pet as they may even be feeling the same as you. They may have some good advice or even just give a nice cuddle!!!

During this difficult time, we must also remember to help our friends as much as possible. Here are a few simple tips you can use to check up or help improve your friends’ mental wellbeing.

  • Send a text to your friend or family member asking how their week has been, it takes two seconds but it can really impact on someone’s day.
  • Arrange a zoom meeting with some friends, its lots of fun seeing everyone’s faces and interacting with different people.
  • Maybe even go for a socially distanced walk with a friend if any live nearby!!
  • You could even send a care package to a friend. I would recommend the chocolate care packages from Etsy (I sent one to my completely non-sentimental boyfriend, he loved it and it really cheered him up! ).

These few tips are very simple but can really impact upon your own and or on other’s moods, but my one piece of advice would be to keep talking to others about your mood and keep doing things that boost your happiness levels whatever that may be. To end I will go back to my first point, just remember that it doesn’t rain… it pours… but it cannot rain forever, not even in the rainforest!

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