‘This Week I’- your favourite books!- Freya H-S and Jessie Jordan

We hope you have all taken the time this week to enjoy reading – perhaps some of these photos will inspire a few options for a ‘to-read list’.

Reading is a great way to have a break from the screens, so we encourage you to continue to embrace your inner bookworm! Thanks to all those who entered their books, here are the photos:

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Savannah Collis’ book option this week- a psychological thriller involving a woman who exposes straying husbands for a divorce firm until one becomes involved in a murder investigation.
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A classic that Savannah has also been reading this week- this one needs no explanation!
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Polly Fitch’s book following Mary Bennett, the forgotten sister amongst those in ‘Pride and Prejudice’
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Jason Sims has been reading a Bond classic this week- full of bond girls and licences to kill (do we expect anything less of James Bond?) in the investigation of John Strangway’s disappearance in Jamaica
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Huw Wharmby has been reading Channel 4 start Foxy’s autobiography that discusses the impact on mental health after being in the SAS, a great read!
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Sophie Woods has used this week to read this book about Kya, a young girl whose family all leave her with her father, due to his drinking. One day her father disappears after receiving a letter from her mother, and so Kya must learn self-reliance whilst being at the hand of prejudice for it.
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Jessie Jordan has been reading ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ from Bernadine Evaristo. This books consists of 12 female characters throughout a series of decades- a very capturing read!
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Mimi Sellers has also embraced a classic this week with ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. This follows the perspective of Scout and her brother Jem. Their father, Atticus, is a lawyer who chooses to defend a black man (falsely) accused of rape. Set during the Great Depression, it analyses the segregation and inequality of America
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Frankie Stenning has explored the historical changes that occurred in England during the Tudor period- a very insightful read!

We hope you enjoyed reading this week, we look forward to your entries for the next ‘This Week I…’

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