The Bake Off Final – Harriet G

On Tuesday, it was the last episode in this season. The last 3 remaining were Matty, Josh and Dan going into the final, it was hard to predict who would win as they were all good but inconsistent bakers. However, I was rooting for Matty!

The episode started off with us finding out about the bakers and why they came onto the show through interviews with them and their families. Then it was onto the signature challenge where the bakers had to make 8 eclairs. Josh was clearly the best in this challenge with getting the right balance of flavours and textures. Matty and Dan’s eclairs weren’t the best looking but Matty was complimented on the taste and thickness of his filling. After this challenge, Dan was already struggling as his eclairs were not looking or tasting that good!

For the technical, they had to make nine lardy cakes – these are slices of lard, sugar and fruit and unknown by anyone that was born after the second world war. After a brief Google search of what they were, I did question why they were the technical in the final as it just didn’t seem very “finally”. Once again, Josh came out on top and Matty was last πŸ™

Josh had clearly taken the lead and going into the show stopper, it was likely that he had more chance of winning but I was still rooting for Matty – there was a lot of shouting at the TV through the episode.

For the final bake of the series, they had to bake a 3 tiered cake getting inspiration from their first bake and let’s just say the end results weren’t very final showstoppery (which seemed to be a theme throughout the episode). I am going to admit none of them looked great and I think I could have done better but Matty’s did look the best (go Matty!) and Paul said it was one of the best chocolate cakes he’s had for a while. I still believed at this point that Josh was ahead as Dan’s cake looked truly awful and Josh looked okay but they were quite mid for a showstopper but they have all done better before.

I’d rate Matty’s cake an 9/10 (I didn’t really like the crumb coat)

5 / 10 (they managed to get the good angle for this photo)

7/10 (minus a point for piping, a 5 year old could have done better)

Then it got to the announcement of who had actually won and after a long advert break (can we have Bake Off back on the BBC) they were all called up for the reveal.

And Matty won! I was very excited when it was announced as I’ve been rooting for him from the start.

It’s been a good season this year and I’m already looking forward to next year!!

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