Year 12 Formal: 10 Burgers, 10 Stories… Daisy C

I was so ravenous for my burger. But it clearly did not want me as much. Everyone at my table was happily munching. But not me. So I waited. And waited. And snacked on cold chips. And waited. And finished a bit of soggy burger (that was quite the snack).

But still nothing 🙁

After 45 minutes I decided to make the first move. So I went up. But no – they sent me back with a tummy still rumbling. So I ate more chips and all of the crisp flavours (the onion ones were undoubtedly the best).

And finally, after a long time, the burger arrived.

But I was full

So I took a bite. Sighed. And left it.

If you are looking for the most detailed burger discussion to date then read on. I tell you I have never heard so much passion dedicated to a meal as this. Some say food makes or breaks an experience and this is all too true when the burger van rocked up at the most recent formal. If only people’s taste in guys was as varied as their opinion on burgers – no one would be single.

10 burgers, 10 stories, which one was you?

Letila – BURGER-OBSESSED – Bacon-cheeseburger

  • Oh, my goodness! I wish I could do a speech on this.
  • I just want to thank the social committee, Mrs Price and everyone.
  • I think we are at a golden age right now we have reached the ‘Three Good Years’ (history reference), such an amazing idea.
  • Sorry, but I haven’t had food like that in ages. Give me that company’s details!
  • I want that burger right now…
  • And the chips to add on? They were just that side piece – mmmm.
  • The sweets – I don’t even like sweets and I ate them all

Mrs H-L – BURGER-SELFISH – Fully Loaded

  • I liked the burger.
  • I had the fully loaded- it arrived before the people sitting around me so I ate it in front of them.
  • The boys were enviously staring at my burger but they didn’t mind me and I was happy to eat my burger.
  • It was … juicy, lots of sauce.
  • The chips were good to begin with but after the burger, I was not really feeling them.

Jojo – BURGER-PROBLEMS – Bacon-cheeseburger

  • I had one bite and then someone stole it.

Hatty – BURGER-GREEDY – Cheeseburger

  • It tasted like five guys – amazing
  • I ate like 10 and then I left.
  • The burgers were better than the night.

Katya – BURGER-KILLS – Plain Jane

  • I was allergic to it.
  • They blamed it on me.
  • When I found out about the corn starch I was too scared to eat the chips
  • Great night though


  • The chips were really salty but that made them great – they were banging, brilliant, I appreciate,
  • but the cheese was severely disgusting and my day was almost ruined- awful
  • Tasted a bit like mince, like I get that it was beef but a bit crumbly,
  • I was expecting actually nice cheese but no

Lucia – BURGER-DREAMS – Plain Jane

  • That was heaven – restaurant quality – 10/10 would have again
  • Ok ok so I got the ‘plain Jane’ BUT IT WAS NOT PLAIN, don’t judge me
  • I literally just had a dream that I was eating it
  • But I wish I had pickles

Zara – BURGER-REJECTION – Bacon-cheeseburger

  • So I was called to receive my burger, but it was not there, so I was turned away
  • Then I was called again, BUT THEY STILL HAD NO BURGER
  • On the third time, I got my burger
  • But then I lost it, and I wasn’t hungry anyway

Mika – BURGER-TASTIC – Cheeseburger

  • The pickles were delectable
  • The brioche perfectly melted into the top of the roof of my mouth and I was sent into euphoria
  • The meat was so juicy and succulent
  • The chips were sensationally salty

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