OUR Strange Addiction: Egg-shaped Chocolate – Amelia G

Chocolate is a big part of our country’s Easter tradition, especially for non-Christians in need of a way to celebrate. But for some reason, our obsession with egg-shaped chocolate seems slightly more extreme this year, leading to the emergence of 1kg bags of Mini Eggs (I’m not complaining) and a rise in chocolate-related, organised crime. Could this be enough to justify a national My Strange Addiction episode?

Easter eggs have been a big party of many of our childhoods, and bring back a lot of memories. Other European countries also share similar traditions but not to the excess of the UK, where 80-90 million are bought every year. Surprisingly, America doesn’t appear too keen on Easter eggs, which seems like a missed opportunity for their characteristically extreme obsession for holiday themed snacks. Unfortunately the U.S has a rather underwhelming alternative to our Mini Eggs (pictured below), they don’t even have the speckles! It’s no surprise they haven’t reached our level of enthusiasm for egg-shaped chocolate.

This year Mini Eggs seem even more addictive than before, and Cadburys is taking advantage of this to sell us 1kg bags, chocolate bars and even cakes. In Drake alone, the amount of Mini Eggs bought in tuck each week is alarming but it’s good to know that Cadburys won’t be going out of business any time soon.

Surprisingly, it was a man’s inexplicable love for Creme Eggs that led to the theft of 200,000 of them. I can hardly stomach one of these so I dread to think what he planned to do with 200,000. I doubt he wanted to eat them all but its hard to believe that there is a black market for Creme Eggs. He even researched where to find the trailer of sickly and gooey chocolates, stole a tractor, and broke into an industrial unit with a metal grinder to pull off this heist worth over £30,000. You can’t help but admire the dedication.

Something about the egg shape seems to have a certain appeal to us, but Mini Eggs are so good that I think our addiction is justified. However I’m not so sure about The Creme Egg Man, they’re my least favourite thing ever, and who know what they put in that goo? I don’t understand his motives or taste in chocolate so I think there’s potential for a My Strange Addiction episode centred around him.

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