Interhouse Debate Heat #1 -Tasha H.

Cornwallis vs Hood.
Hood vs Cornwallis.
The motion: This house would ban the sale of cigarettes.
Who will win?
The library was packed with spaces both upstairs and downstairs, all gathered to watch the nail-biting intellectual battle between the two houses.
With Eve H and Sean E silencing the chatter of the audience with the bang of the gavel, the debate kicked off with opening speakers Jack M (CS), for the proposition and Esther O (HD), for the opposition. Both speakers eloquently outlined the structure of their teams’ arguments. Neither let any nerves show.

Next were Bella P (CS) and Friederike (HD), who built nicely on their previous speakers, engaging the audience. Some points were even made attacking the other houses’ points, already.

Now, the floor debate was opened up. Dun dun dun!
Many good points were made both for the proposition and the opposition, each scribbling down various comebacks. Hood banded together as well, with Tilly J, Mika C, and Daisy C either defending their house or attacking the proposition with their good points. Mr Johnson also asked a question to both sides.

The floor debate was now closed. This is when the fun begins. Shadrack (closing speaker for CS) started with a passionate speech, instantly grabbing everyone’s attention by retorting that he found it a “disgusting notion” to the premise offered by the opposition, that addiction was a choice. Hurling attacks at the opposition and answering the questions asked during the floor debate, he built a strong unbreakable case. Next, Shadrack closed with a very personal story about his own grandparents trying to fight the addiction to smoking, taking the whole audience through a rollercoaster of emotions, and unlocking the reason behind his passion for this motion.

Once Shadrack was finished, all eyes turned to Dylan D (closing speaker for HD), who stood up to say the final word on the debate, which was not an easy task, and certainly an accomplishment for a Year 9!

With the debate finished, it was time to vote! Everyone voted for their preferred winner, some even trying to vote twice, which Sean quickly picked up on, and the results were in. Cornwallis won!

Now, the vote doesn’t have any effect on the result from Mr Johnson, but it’s still incredible that Cornwallis managed to win the votes.

With Mr Johnson considering for a minute, he crowned Cornwallis the winner of the debate! Go, Cornwallis!!! (definitely not biased at all as a Cornwallis girl).

In all seriousness though, both sides debated really well and each made excellent points, but Cornwallis pulled it out of the bag and won the debate!

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