Christmas around the corner? – Molly N

The debate on when Christmas actually begins has caused uproar for centuries. Is it November 1st? Or perhaps December 1st? Or even the day we break up for the Christmas holidays?

Well, shops have clearly made their decision; as soon as Halloween ended, they put their speakers on blast with Christmas music and laced the aisles with decorations. It seems that RHS has closely followed suit with the health centre having already put up their decorations and the heritage café playing Christmas music. Even teachers are displaying their eagerness for Christmas, with Miss Shopova having an advent calendar for November (to count down the days until advent calendars). Social media is also convincing people that ‘it’s timeee’, including Mariah Carey’s defrosting and the Christmas adverts already coming out.

Mariah Carey being defrosted at exactly midnight of October 31st

But, when does this festive holiday actually begin? It tends to vary from family to family. In my household, we put up the decorations the week we break up for the holidays, but solely out of convenience. Now, this can’t be an opinion article without my opinion, but I am hesitant to put my thoughts out onto the internet on this highly sensitive topic. I don’t think it starts on November 1st, but I also don’t think it starts on December 1st (please, hear me out!); in my opinion, Christmas starts towards the end of November. By this time, I have seen enough tinsel and fairy lights, and heard ‘Last Christmas’ enough times to fully be in the Christmas swing. Then, and only then, it is Christmas.

I thought to include some other pupils’ and teachers’ opinions to simply stir the pot on this debate even more:

Lauren Smalley- ‘Christmas starts on 25th November, because it is exactly a month before Christmas’. I couldn’t agree more!

Hamish Andrews and Sam Baine say the 1st of December.

Mr Johnson- ‘there are stages: December 1st is the absolute earliest because that is when advent calendars start. However, it is traditional for me to decorate the day we break up from school. The actual celebrations start on Christmas Eve at 15.00 when the carols are broadcast on the radio- that is when proper Christmas starts.’

Bella Lloyd- ‘I consider it Christmas when it gets dark at school.’

Mr Brightwell- ‘December. If anyone plays Christmas music in house in November they will be gaited.’

I hope I haven’t caused too many arguments with this controversial article, but whether you think Christmas starts in November or December, I think we can all agree that October is too early!

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