Overheard at RHS – Izzy S

With the popularity of certain Instagram pages like ‘Overheard at private school’, I thought it would be funny to share the accumulation of things my peers and I have heard around the school. Keep reading: it could’ve been you!

‘Ughhh ,my trust fund only has £400 in it!’ – newly turned 18 year old 

RHS’s own trust fund child

‘There’s a group of three boys in Nelson who keep a purple hippo locked in the clocktower and feed it after mess and sometimes you can hear it; he’s called Richard btw’ – interesting…

Richard who lives in the Clocktower

‘Mr Hodson was seen picking mushrooms at lunch’ – various

The St Georges day mushroom – The Yr 13 English class’s favourite

‘My apple pencil keeps on getting stolen at the pigeonholes’ – Yeah, I heard estates dismantled the pigeon holes – only to find it wasn’t there..

‘Yeah, I heard the play was like 20k…’ – Who knows? It certainly was very good!

It was very good

‘I got caught driving to the golf course and, even worse, I was going over 10 mph.’ – would hate to interrupt Tiger Woods in the making’s golfing schedule!

RHS golf course

‘RHS memes is so dead now; whoever is the new admin has seriously caused its downfall’

No new content in 2 years- do better! There claim to fame is an original Mr Dixon quote, but c’mon guys this has been seriously lacking for years. Will it ever reach its golden age of 2019 again: who knows?!

‘Yeh my insurance uni is Oxford Brookes’

Oxford Brookes – aka every Year 13’s insurance

‘It’s a shame the Eton vs RHS basketball match wasn’t a home game, I could’ve got the snapchat of an Eton boy and perhaps could’ve become a Lord’

Eton students

‘I’ve seen ** ****** with his phone out a few times around school- didn’t Mrs C say the rules apply to teachers too?’ What even is the invisible phone policy.

person on phone

‘The continuous pulling of the mess hall door, it’s a PUSH!’ – honestly it’s embarassing at this point.

‘Yeah, I saw a year 7 steal the whole tray of chocolate milkshakes at breakfast’ – cheekyyyy, would hate to be on a last mess on milkshake day!

obviously don’t look like this in the DH

‘Do you prefer waitrose or M&S?’ – M&S is the obvious answer here! Ready meal selection is top tier. Also, where else can you buy candyfloss flavoured grapes?

‘ I’m going to attempt a Jack Whitehall on the Amsterdam trip’

lets hope not^

‘Do the Year 7 and 8’s seriously think they can get past us at the chapel wall!’ – Prefect

For real, do you think we don’t see you trying to sneak around the sides…

Where the prefect wall occurs after chapel

‘I heard Ben W’s favourite icecream is pear and vanilla!’ – I can confirm, I was there. This may just be the poshest flavour ever, but Ben’s verdict – it was very dry.

‘That teacher is not going at 10mph’ – I think we all know the one…

couldn’t take pictures of peoples cars for obvious reasons… this is what i found on google

‘I managed to get an autograph from Seamus’ – He really is the talk of the town (school in this case)

RHS’s new celebrity

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