Rating the Chants from the RWC 2023-Tilly J

In light of the Rugby World Cup, I thought it would be perfect to start a series on this major sporting event. What’s even more perfect is that most of the teams have a chant they sing either pre- or post-match, which I thought would be a good kick-off. What is even better than the matches themselves? The chills of watching the All Blacks lining up to perform the Haka, the Irish belting out Ireland’s Call (it’s even better than the school shouting Jerusalem) or the English fans echoing Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot at Twickenham. Luckily, I have got the help of my fellow Bubble writer Harriet to help me judge some of these chants:

World In Union:

Me – Love the tune to I Vow to Thee My Country, very dramatic 7/10

Harriet – “Anything that involves I Vow to Thee My Country I love, in fact, we should sing it more in Chapel” 1000/10

Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot (England):

Me – Very patriotic but not the best 6/10

Harriet – “England we can do better!” 6/10

Ireland’s Call (Ireland):

Me – My joint favourite out of all of them 20/10

Harriet – “Sounds nice” 7/10

O Flower of Scotland (Scotland):

Me – bagpipes + rugby = Scotland 8/10

Harriet – “Sounds annoying but nice at the same time” 6/10

Haka (New Zealand):

Me – Scary, love how Māori culture is included, joint favourite 20/10

Harriet – “Sounds like something that would get you motivated” 8/10

Cibi (Fiji):

Me- underrated 6/10

Harriet-“can’t sing along” 4/10

Shosholoza (South Africa):

Me- second favourite overall, 9/10

Harriet- “Sounds like something you would sing in primary” 10/10

Overall Rankings:

1st : Ireland and New Zealand

2nd  :: South Africa and World in Union

3rd: Scotland

4th: Fiji and England

(Let’s just hope these rankings don’t predict England’s final placing)

Keep in tune to catch up with match highlights and much more…

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