Iceland restaurant/scran Review – Isabel T

Despite the world renowned natural beauty and structures that Iceland provided us, another topic was on our mind: food. After landing in Reykjavík, we were stereotypically shocked by the absence of McDonalds or pretty much any worldwide fast food chain. When learning the devastating fact that Iceland was in fact isolated with its cuisine, we wondered how do the Icelanders cope? After spending 6 days there and thankfully avoiding their national dish of Hákarl (fermented shark), here’s my personal rating of the cuisine. (Obviously the physical geography of Iceland – and main reason of trip – was exquisite and does not even require my rating).

My order of chicken noodle soup

Upon the first day of arrival, we were whisked around at incredibly high paces, which even resulted in a group nap during a lava show. However, we were released into Reykjavík and quickly found a very small Thai restaurant with many locals. We were eager to quench our hunger after not eating since 5 in the morning. I ordered a chicken noodle soup, wanting a classic meal before our ambiguous future meals. This was absolutely the best thing I ate this trip; a solid 12/10. No complains from me.

Energetic faces at the dinner table

Our first night at the accommodation after a busy day out left us with lamb(?) meatballs with mash and baby carrots. A generous serving of gravy was added to reduce the dryness of this meal. With Charlotte’s look on her face, she was not as satisfied as the majority who queued up for seconds in the background. I will give bonus points to the very lovely couple who cooked us this; 5/10.

Lunch on the black sand beach

During the course of our countless excursions, we prepared our own lunch in the many locations we travelled to, which consisted of a sandwich that had been squashed in a bag or a couple hours and a carton of juice. Any other alternative for lunch would’ve resulted in a £12 panini for lunch instead. I actually don’t have any photos of these lunches, as most times I reflexively looked away when having to take a bite. The salami was the worst part of it; if it was rubber instead, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Minus points for the 3/4 times we did this. 2/10.

Yummiest water I’ve ever had

Another supper cooked by the lovely couple in the accommodation; lasagne and a bread roll. This bread roll was one of the best I have tasted, and of course took another. The lasagne itself was actually quite good, despite Charlotte’s face. The main winner in this meal, however, is the water; melted glacier water is one of the freshest things I have tasted. Water rated an absolute 10/10. Although, it is hard to distinguish whether the food was actually good, or if I was too hungry to notice. 7/10.

One of the nights we were treated to a restaurant trip, and after filling up most of their restaurant space, we placed our orders. We were allowed 2 toppings on top of a plain base; here, Juls is digging into her ham and mozzarella pizza, while I wait for mine. Much respect to the 2 staff after making 30 pizzas within a short period of time. Hard to complain with pizza, and with George’s nervous body language, the pizza was much awaited for. 8.5/10.

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