Bubble: A farewell

Sadly, as exams loom over us like a dark cloud we say goodbye to many faces, and at the bubble, it’s no different. Our senior editors are stepping down this term, putting their faith in the rest of us (god help us) and so we thought that they deserve their very own closing interview.

Max A – The tall one

Q: What is your favourite bubble article? (doesn’t have to be your own)
A: Favourite article is hard to pick, but Toby’s one on monstrous mullets was what really got me wanting to write my own.

Q: Your favourite article that you wrote?
A: Not as many to chose from here, I think that my critical assessment on the 1st hockey team was definitely a major highlight. Was not thanked for it the next training session though.

Q: what is your favourite feature?
A: Toby’s memes of the week always have a special place in my heart, but overheard at RHS has gotten the most laughs out of me.

Q: Who is your favourite editor?
A: Agh, so hard to choose! Due to her tenacity and determination to constantly upload no matter what, Izzy definitely has my vote for top bubble editor.

Q: Any final thoughts?
A: To all those thinking they could write for the bubble, you can. Get your fingers down and start typing!

Izzy S – The nice one

Q: Your favourite article (doesn’t have to be your own)
A: My favourite bubble articles were anything silly and I think we have a few, a favourite this year would’ve had to have to been ‘The man, the myth, the mushroom eater’ Marns photoshop game was top notch.

Q: Your favourite article of your own
A: Favourite article I wrote would be anything slightly saucy that was on or crossed the line (there were a few) as Mr Hodson would say ‘Izzy you don’t know where the line is’.

Q: Your favourite feature?
A: Not to be a narcissist or anything but my ‘Overheard at RHS’ would have to be a highlight, it brought in the most bubble viewings for a while, I just simply know what the people want.

Q: who is your favourite Bubble editor?
A: My favourite editor, mmmmm you can’t just put me on the spot like that, but I would say Mr Hodson’s place on the list wholly depends on whether he secured the Year 13 bubble editor pub trip with Mr Martineau.

Q: Final thoughts?
A: Final words. If you haven’t had a bubble article censored, you don’t deserve your colours. Simple as.

If you want to see her bubble origins, I highly recommend clicking this ink:

Fred A – the techy

Q: What is your favourite article (doesn’t have to be your own)?
A: the Mcplant burger review.

Q: What was your own favourite article?
A: I didn’t write an article but like this form I made…

Q: who is your favourite editor?
A: All the editors have their own unique style, that suit different types of articles. So, it’s hard for to pick my favourite one.

Q: Any final thoughts to give?
A: I definitely suggest joining/ writing an article the bubble, its good fun!

Freddie Cossor – the ‘cute’ one (Tom L)

Q: Your favourite article (which doesn’t have to be your own)
A: Meet the Green Army

Q: What’s your favourite article of your own?
A: Stuck with Boris… for now.

Q: favourite editor?
A: Tom Lockyer- very insightful

Q: final words?
A: Live, laugh, love.

Tom L – the ladies man

Q: What’s your favourite article out of them all?
A: My favourite bubble article was will sellers one about him not being Nigel Farage.

Q: fave article from yourself?
A: My favourite one I wrote was green army, RHS’s football team.

Q: favourite feature?
A: I dont really know about a feature 

Q: favourite bubble editor?
A: Fav editor is Frederick Cossor- he’s cute (its actually Marn)

Q: Final thoughts?
A: life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get unless you read the package.

Annabel M – the one that likes Monkeys

Q: What is your fave article ever?
A: Noah’s science war

Q: fave article you wrote?
A: Monkeys: 5 quick facts

Q: Fave feature?
A: The Mullet saga

Q: fave editor?
A: Izzy Scragg

Q: last words?
A: I put in minimal effort and still got colours.

Toby C – the head boy one

Q: Fave article?
A: 5 reasons i’m not Nigel Farage – Will S

Q: ur best article?
A: Monstrous Mullets

Q: fave feature?
A: I loved making memes of the week, because I love memes.

Q: Fave editor?
A: The one and only big cheese superior editor, Mr Hodson, The man who keeps the bubble afloat.

Q: last words
A: I will say goodbye like the French werewolfs do, “Awooo Revoir” 

Ayoola O – The smart one

Q: What is your favourite article – doesn’t have to be your own.
A: As of this year, ‘Overheard at RHS’ series.

Q: What is your own favourite article?
A: Maybe my political piece titled ‘Has the rise in nationalism impacted globalisation’ or it is always a walk down memory lane looking at my old motivational articles.

Q: your favourite feature?
A: Hard to choose.

Q: Final words?
A:  Write from the heart, journalism is about expressing your passions and wider interests about the world and anything’s which speaks to you authentically.

Nigel Farage – the one that didn’t reply.

(I made these up because SOMEONE didn’t reply)

Q: Favourite article ever?
A: All of Eve’s articles, I highly recommend.
A: from chem trails to the BBC.; 3 ways the government is controlling your mind 

Q: Favourite article of your own?
A: 5 reasons I’m not Nigel Farage
A: 5 reasons I’m not Nigel Farage 

Q: Favourite feature?
A: Overheard at RHS or monstrous mullets
A: the departmental battle Royales 

Q: Favourite editor?
A: Definitely Eve, she’s the best.
A: not sure so much variety – some funny, others more serious and some offering opinions 

Q: Final words?
A: Read Eve’s articles, and write for the bubble. Also, I am definitely Nigel Farage.
A: have an opinion of some kind, its far more interesting 

(Edit: he replied so I add his answers in bold)

Yes, how sad. Anyway, goodbye. To the editors that didn’t reply to my emails, you aren’t involved anymore. Good luck in exams, do well in life, and never forget Mr Hodson’s daily bubble emails x

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