Grammys Fashion Review – Jamie P

The 65th Annual Grammys Awards streamed on Monday the 6th of February. Yes, the show is about congratulating celebrities success, but what they wear is normally what people care more about – and I do too! Here is my unwarranted opinion that no one asked for but I am giving you nonetheless… (DISCLAIMER: all opinions are about their outfits and outfits strictly, what I say does not translate to what I think of the celebrity themselves)

Doja Cat

Starting off strong with one of my favourite looks of the night. I love the hair and makeup with this outfit. 10/10


When I first saw this, I just thought of a drop of blood to be honest. Now that I have had time to reflect, I still think the exact same thing.

Harry Styles

Genuinely all I can think of when I look at this outfit is Elmer the Patchwork Elephant (if you don’t know, get to know)

Mary J Blige

Surprisingly, I really like this. She is rocking those hip cut outs and I love that hair colour on her. Love how the earrings and belt match too.

Camilla Cabello

I must admit that I sort of like the lower half, but that lace bust is definitely not my cup of tea…

Pharrell Williams

If I squint hard enough, I see the vision, but I definitely do not see the execution. The brown fur coat categorically does not match the red jacket, and those glasses bring tears to my eyes (not good ones).

Shania Twain

I genuinely thought this was cow print until I was told it was polka dots – do with that information what you will.

Taylor Swift

Love the colour and sparkles, hate the silhouette.

Bebe Rexha

This initially made me jump, but I actually like it after further inspection. I like the Barbie resemblance and loveeee the hair especially.

Nancy Wilson

I am genuinely speechless for this one. My mouth is wide open, jaw on the floor, tears forming, hands shaking, sweat dripping, breath shortening.


I know I said these outfits aren’t about the celebrities themselves but I genuinely think I would do anything for Beyonce so 11/10 in my books (although, call me controversial, if it wasn’t on Beyonce I don’t think I’d like it that much… please don’t send out a hitman for me)


The neck details are giving place mats on the dinner table, but I like the colour and the silhouette overall so I’m willing to overlook it.

Jennifer Lopez

I LOVE THIS!!!! The hair, the makeup, the shoes and obviously the dress – I am obsessed. Also, this colour looks insane on her but then again I feel like it’s hard for something to look bad on JLo – not biased, just factual.

Cardi B

Last but most certainly not least – my favourite look of the night. I don’t think words can convey my love for this, so I am going to just let you sit here and revel in this look like I have been for the past 24 hours.

That’s a wrap for this years Grammys, what do you think? Did I miss anyone that you thought dressed better (or worse)? Let me know.

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