Meet Your New Heads of Houses – Jamie P

This week I interviewed the new head of houses for Cornwallis, Drake, Howe and St Vincent. Next time you will be getting an inside scoop on the other houses, but for now…


Rosie Corbould

Hi I’m Rosie and I am currently taking business, psychology and BTEC sport. I joined drake in year 8, and have really enjoyed my time in it.

What are your plans for Drake this year?

I want Drake to win the house competitions (house shout, sports competitions, debating etc). I also want Drake to be welcoming to everyone from other houses too, an everyone to be happy and confident here.

Which year groups do you think is going to cause you the most trouble this year?

They don’t really cause me any trouble, more Mr Platt and matron , but the year 11s seem to have their fair share of time in the office. 

If Drake only offered one head of house, who do you think would get it out of you and Tom?

Me because they prefer me 🙂

Tom King

Hi, my name is Tom King I’m one of the heads for Drake. I take Maths, Economics and Computer science for my A-levels. My hobbies are swimming and cars if I could have one car in the world, I would have a Pagani Zonda C12 in sliver. 

What are your plans for Drake this year?

My plans for Drake this year are to build a respectful and inclusive house. But most importantly we want everyone to have fun.

Which year group do you think is going to cause you the most trouble this year?

My initial thoughts on which year would cause us the most trouble was Year 11 however they’ve all calmed down, so I don’t think any year in particular is going to cause us trouble.

If Drake only offered one head of house, who do you think would get it out of you and Rosie?

Out of me and Rosie who do I think would get head of house if there was only one position, I think it would be Rosie because she’s approachable, confident and kind. Which are key aspects of being a key leader and role model.


Mathilda Ketterer

Hey I’m Mathilda. I joined Cornwallis last year when it first opened as a mixed day house. I have a range of different interests including music (especially choir), CCF and sports. I enjoy all my a-level subjects but have taken a particular interest to PRE. My less serious interests include going to the beach, sleep, and Harry Styles. 

If you could change one thing about Cornwallis, what would it be?

As it became a mixed day house only last year, I’d love to see more reflections of that in the decoration around the house.

What’s your favourite and least favourite year group?

I’d rather not admit it, but my least favourite year is definitely year 9- they’re scarier and a lot more confident than I realised!!

My favourite has got to be the year 12s as we’re definitely the most chill year in the house and I’d like to say we all get on pretty well. 

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

There’s lots of things to look forward to but I’m really looking forward to just having the opportunity to lead the house in the many of the events this year- especially house shout.

Tom Raeckelboom

Hi I am Tom and I take Dt, geography and business as A-level options and I enjoy sports like rugby and football. I am head of house in Cornwallis.

If you could change one thing about Cornwallis, what would it be?

One thing I would change about Cornwallis is more tuck shop after school.

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

I’m excited for house shout as it will be fun and to see other houses perform and also all the house events like house rugby.


Emily Page

Hi I’m Emily and I am Head of Howe. I take Art, RS and Geography for A-level and I am in the choir.  

Do you feel more pressure because you’re leading Howe alone? 

I feel nervous to be Head of Howe however I do not feel like I am leading it alone. The people in Howe are so supportive and all the year 12s have roles in House and are always willing to help. All of the year 12s in house each have so many different talents that help everyone in Howe. 

Do you think boarding with your house members creates a stronger relationship with them? 

Yes because most of the time we socialise in the evening and the weekend as that’s when we all have the most free time to get to know each other. We do lots of activities together like just dance and we all get to know each other on another level as during the day we each have busy schedules so there isn’t usually time to socialise. 

What thoughts are you having for the rumoured house shout this year? 

I hope the rumoured house shout goes ahead, the year 12s and I in Howe have already created a playlist of possible songs choices. 

St Vincent

David Lin

I am David Lin. I am the new head of house of the St. Vincent House. My hobbies are reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with my friends. I like to play rugby and basketball for sports. I am now taking Psychology, Maths and Economics for my A-levels.

Is there any tension in house because some members didn’t get the position they were hoping for?

There must be someone that are feeling upset because there is only one head of house but there were lots of people applied for this position. I don’t think there is any tension because our year 12 St.V boys are mature and friendly.

What part of St V will you miss the most next year when we move to Nelson?

I will miss the part that you can get to know more peoples that are from different year and having fun with them when we are doing different activities (for example: Family time).

Why does St V smell so bad?

I don’t know and that is not true!🙃

Tune in next week for Hawke, Raleigh, Hood and Collingwood…

By Jamie Pickering

Week 7 Michaelmas (2022)

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