Meet the Green Army – Tom L

One team that has very little featured on it at the moment is the school’s 1st team football squad, also known commonly as the ‘green army’. A team that can only be described as majestic. Coached by Mr Vickers, who is a tactical genius when it comes to the great game, often compared to the likes of Pep Guardiola, Sir Alex Ferguson and Carlo Ancelotti. The team have had a rough start to the season losing 3 of 3 and with a goal difference of -13, alas it’s not all doom and gloom.

Last Tuesday I was treated to a home game against Norwich school, a game with great history. The side unfortunately lost 8-2, however performed well against a team coached by an ex-England and West Ham player.

This week I decided to interview some of the players and discover what there opinions where on the season ahead:

Firstly Liam Clarkson, one of the team’s central midfielders, with one goal this this season. He is clearly postive for the rest of the season and believes the team ‘will be incredible if we can just click’. He firmly believes in the squad if they ‘play Vickers ball’ which is a style of play that teams like Barcelona have now started to use. From speaking to Liam, I have grasped the postive attitude of his, and although a tough start to the season he stated how ‘soon will come victory’. Which I hope is the attitude of the rest of the team.

Next, I spoke to one of the teams three co-captains Cameron Paul, the teams brick wall at the back. He had more of a negative attitude stating the goal ratio will be a ‘big minus’. However, when asked to describe the football style of the team he referred to it as, ‘Brexit at the back and Brazilian upfront’ suggesting an attacking flair within the team. Clearly there may be some issues with training as Mr Paul stated the team have never trained, claiming there was no need too. His prediction for the rest of the season had little confidence, however, predicts a win against rivals Woodbridge at the ‘swamp’ also known as their home pitch, by the end of the season. Mr Paul is sceptical around the team’s star striker Charlie Allison; however, I believe looking at the stats he’s performing well averaging over a goal a game, including a hattrick against Woodbridge (the first time), however Mr Paul believes he needs to be averaging more around 5 a game to make up for their poor current goal difference.

Finally, I spoke to Max Arnold, the teams super star goalkeeper, with more aggression in his game than England’s very own Jordon Pickford. He hopes to win two games this season believing the team ‘will only grow in confidence’. One thing that came through with Max was his love for his two Centre backs Cameron Paul and Rufus Maile, oftern describing them as his ‘saving grace’. This shows the great love and respect the defence has for one and other, possibly something Max believes the attack needs to work on.

To me, the team clearly has some great grass roots, and I can see a bright future for the squad. There is evidently a divide in outlook for the future however the Green Army will bring it home to RHS this season.

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