20th of May – China’s second Valentine’s day – by Ella H.

Romantics out there should move to mainland China, where they celebrate Valentine’s Day twice.

In China we are lucky enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day on two occasions: 14/02 and 20/05.  

You may wonder why the 20th of May and why one Valentine’s day is not enough. The answer is quite simple: it’s all about sounds. When you write the date 20th of May in numbers, it’s written like 520 and when you pronounce the number 5 2 0 it sounds like I love you in Chinese. 5 2 0 is also used online as a short form like ILY in English.

On this romantic day couples celebrates their love by going on a date or spending time together. They will also give each other presents and flowers such as roses. And for those who are single, well, it’s the perfect time for them to be brave and tell their crush how much they like him/her. Nobody can resist a declaration of love on this special day. Show your love tomorrow with 520!

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