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You didn’t think that was the last of the entertainment guide, did you? We’re back with MORE good reads and watches for you to treat yourself to because maybe you’ve had exams or maybe you just deserve it. Look no further for your chance to wind down and save yourself 15 minutes of Netflix surfing with this week’s edition of the Bubble’s entertainment guide. If you have any recommendations for a TV, movie or book then get in contact with me ( or another member of the bubble team. 


Promising Young Woman:

Rated 15

I cannot recommend this movie enough, capturing such a sensitive but essential topic in such a poignant but almost empowering way. I thoroughly enjoyed this rightly deserved Oscar-winning film this weekend. Starring Carey Mulligan featuring the likes of Jennifer Coolidge alongside her, this film highlights issues women face around rape, assault and coming forward with accusations. Representing a sad truth and portraying an unfortunately relatable story to many women in the world, I hope as many people watch it as possible in the prospect, they find it as insightful and eye opening as I did. I must warn some may find it distressing however I think it holds such a strong message and I cannot recommend it more hence my rating. Bubble rating 10/10.


Star Wars:

In light of Tuesday being Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you) it is only fitting that I recommend Star Wars BD (Before Disney in order to qualify it for the title of throwback). Star Wars isn’t just a nerdy franchise as it seemed to be back when they were originally released. There is little for me to say on the plot as it is so well known it is almost futile, but I can recommend it. Star Wars, any you watch, is filled with action and excitement with thrilling fight scenes and intense moments. The only downside which I am sure anyone can agree with me on is undoubtedly the addition of Jar Jar Binks who is the most irritating and annoying character imaginable although I’m up for debate on that with anyone who begs to differ. Overall star wars is an enjoyable somewhat cheesy watch which I would recommend, If you have the luxury of Disney plus then I would go back and rewatch them in chronological order not in order of release. Bubble rating: 8/10. 


Peaky Blinders:

Season 1 – Rated 15

Seasons 2-5 – Rated 18

Peaky blinders is a brilliant show on Netflix about a gang in 1919 Birmingham, it follows the Shelby Family and their conquests from robbery to race fixing. The show has lots of action and cliff-hangers which make you want to watch the next episode immediately, even from the beginning you can really attach to the characters and empathise with them. The later seasons show how the gang has evolved to a greater and more powerful gang with legal and illegal businesses. However bigger threats also force them to be careful and work together. In the end of season 5 there is a massive cliff-hanger and season 6 is still in development so we will have to wait a while to see what happens to the Shelby family next. Rating: 10/10.

-By J.Bertolla, Year 12

Shadow and Bone Review:

Rated 15

Recently, Shadow and Bone has come onto Netflix as a 6-episode series. The trilogy of books by Leigh Bardugo has been recommended very highly by the book community, so many people were very excited to see one of their favourite series on the big screen. Although I have not read the books, I also really looked forward to watching this show and I was not disappointed. 

Over the 6 episodes, we watch the main character Alina Starkov discover she is a Grisha, a group of people with powers called the Corporalki, Materialki and Etherealki which includes the manipulation of fire, the ability to heal and the production of shadows to name a few. After finding out that she is a sun summoner and can produce light, Alina is sent to the ‘Small Palace’ where she is taught more about her powers so that she can destroy the ‘Fold’, which is an ancient rip in reality that has terrorised the inhabitants of nearby lands. However, Alina is being hunted by many groups of people who have figured out her value and this includes the Crows, lead by Kaz Brekker. We also follows the Crows, Brekker, Inej and Jesper, as they cross the Fold and figure out a plan to kidnap Alina. When the Crows plan falls through and all truth is revealed, Alina is reunited with her childhood friend, Mal, as they strike up an unlikely friendship with the Crows, which is where the show ends. There is also a side story that includes the Heartrender Nina Zenik as she is stolen by Grisha hunters, where an enemies to lovers arc starts between her and Matthias Helvar. 

I have obviously missed out major plot points in order to prevent spoilers but hope that this overview sparks an interest in the series. 

To say this show is good is an understatement, the casting is perfect, and the pacing is well thought out. My favourite casting had to be Ben Barnes as ‘General Kirigan’, otherwise known as ‘The Darkling’, as he captured the beauty as well as the mysteriousness and the darkness (pun intended) of the character. Although, the other actors also had definitely done their research into their characters, depicting the mannerisms that appear in the books accurately, especially by Freddy Carter, who plays ‘Kaz Brekker’. Almost all the characters are very likable, with my favourites being Nina and Matthias, whom steal every scene they are in as I cannot wait to see them on screen together. 

Another point I would like to say about the show is how immersed the readers become. The world building is quick and insightful, filling in the readers with all the information we need to know, like about the Grisha and the politics between the lands of Ravka, Ketterdam and Fierda. Even though there is a lot to take in, the pacing helps to maximise the information processed, as over each episode, the pacing builds to a climatic point. In addition, the costume and set design perfectly sets up the scene of a country destroyed by war and loss.

One confusing point about the series is that it combines Shadow and Bone with another series by Leigh Bardugo, called Six of Crows. Even though the two series are set in the same universe, the events take place 2 years apart, so by including the characters from Six of Crows, it may confuse new watchers/ readers. Although, this combination perfectly sets up the show for the spin off, which could include the events of Six of Crows. 

The last thing I would like to say about this show is that it should be watched. If fantasy, action and romance is your cup of tea, I definitely recommend this show!

-By R.Fitch, Year 12


The Maze Runner:

The Maze Runner is the first book in a trilogy written by the American author James Dashner. Thomas, the sixteen-year-old hero, remembers nothing about himself apart from his name. His memory has been completely wiped, just the same as all the memories of the Gladers (the teenagers who live in the maze). The only thing Thomas can recall is that he must solve the Maze to save himself and the other Gladers. The maze is massive and the fifty plus boys who are caught in it live on a farm in the middle of the maze, an area called that is named the ‘Glade’. Every day a small number of the boys, the Runners, leave the Glade and head out into the unknown depths of the maze to find a way out and Thomas wants to become one of them. As if solving a maze wouldn’t be hard enough, the walls of the maze move every evening to create new dead ends and new paths. And each night the walls directly surrounding the Glade close and shield the Gladers against the horrible monsters that inhabit the maze. It’s been two years since the first boys got put in the maze and now Thomas has joined them. He soon realises that he knows more about the maze and the reason why they have all been placed in it. With his help the Gladers are closer to solving the maze than ever before. The story is very action-packed and reading the book feels very much like watching a horror and sci-fi film all at I once! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves a good mystery and a pager turner feel book. I just couldn’t out the book down! Rating: 9/10. 

-By A.Gowers, Year 9

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