Ye’s behaviour is not funny – Rosy F

I am sure you have all heard of Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Ye (formerly Kanye) West, and how he has gone on an Instagram rampage against her, their children and Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson. And on the surface, it does seem quite funny, how this man has seemingly devoted his whole life to calling out his ex-wife for getting on with her life. However, Ye’s behaviour could be called abuse, and here is why.

Firstly, Kanye is abusing Kim online. It is very unsettling to see that he has attacked her parenting style, letting North (their oldest child) use TikTok and put on minimal makeup, and even released private messages between Kim and Pete. These relentless attacks include this quote ‘My kids were not allowed to come to Sunday Service. This is the fifth time she did this. Trying to gas light me. What the hell is wrong with you godless people’. And fans have not helped the situation, with millions of Ye followers egging him on, and he has also encouraged them to shout ‘Kimye forever’ if they saw Davidson in real life. 

Kayne is also on the verge of stalking Kim in real life. Not only did Kayne buy the house that neighbours Kim’s but he also sent her a lorry load of roses on Valentine’s Day. This behaviour is what people have called as love bombing and is a type of behaviour designed to make the person who is receiving this affection pressured to respond. Another example of abusive behaviour. 

Kayne also continues to play the victim. As I said, he paints Kim as the villain for not allowing him to take his children to Sunday Service or even see them. But this was proven false, as Kim commented under one of his posts that Ye had taken the children to school that very day. Even though he has apologised for his behaviour, he still posed as the victim and minimising his behaviour by saying he is ‘working on his communication’. 

Kim has pleaded with him to stop attacking her and to stop posting their private conversations online, which he then posted online. This led to Kim describing Kayne’s behaviour as ‘making her feel unsafe’, and makes me wondered if people would treat Kanye differently if he was this pop icon… 

Aisha K Gill, a professor of criminology at the University of Roehampton, has said that ‘watching West edge closer and closer to abuse in such a public manner while facing no repercussions has shown how social media normalises and, in some cases, even encourages emotional abuse against women’. It is evident that Ye’s self-destructive behaviour has already caused a lot of harm against Kim and Pete, and it is horrific to see Kayne’s fans idealising this behaviour. Kanye holds this opinion that he has a right to control Kim’s behaviour, which may lead his fans to imitate. Gill continues to say that ‘this feeds into a culture of violence that inevitably makes women vulnerable to violence from their partners’. 

No matter what you think of Kim, Pete or even Kanye, it is not right for Ye’s behaviour to go without consequences. His grand gestures of supposed affection are not sweet, they are dangerous. At any moment, this could escalate into physical violence, of which could easily be prevented if people took his behaviour seriously. 

Therefore, please keep this in mind when you hear about the situation, would you tolerate one of your friends saying this? 

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