Party at Number 10: BYO Lies – Rosy F

One of the biggest British controversies at the moment is the numerous illegal parties that were supposedly held at number 10 over the last 2 years. In this article, I will show you the key dates, the after math and what will happen next.

It all started when the public discovered that in 2020, while Boris Johnson was telling people to ‘stay home’ and that Christmas was basically cancelled, there was an office party for the politicians. It was reported that on 18th December, number 10 held a gathering of ‘several dozen people’, even when London was in tier 3 restrictions. What may be worse is the nonchalant appearance of Allegra Stratton who, when asked questions in a press rehearsal, laughed and joked about the -very much illegal- event.

However, it is apparent that this was not the only event that broke covid restrictions (that these people decided on). There was at least 5 more gatherings from May to December that significantly broke the rules. One was on 20th May 2020, the Prime-minister had around 100 people over for ‘socially distanced drinks’, insisting it was a work event. But it didn’t stop there; Ultimately, the worst one happened on 16th April 2021, the night before Prince Andrews funeral, so while the Queen was mourning the loss of her dear husband, the people who run our country were sipping on the vino.

Rightly so, there has been a lot of backlash by the public, as it seems that there is one rule for them, another for us. So while the general public were being urged to leave their family dying in hospital, government officials were not following their own example. After these secret gatherings were revealed, a whole flurry of politicians and government officials issued apologies, including BoJo himself. But it is not simply enough to apologies, there needs to be a ‘change in culture’.

So what will happen next? Although we can not say for certain, there are a few ideas.

  1. Boris Johnson will have to step down in the near future: There has been a rise in calls for Boris Johnson to step down, now with 6 conservative MPs calling for his termination as prime-minister. If more politicians step forward, it may lead to a vote of no confidence within the party. This is more likely to happen if Sue Gray’s report is not in BoJo’s favour, as his party might turn on him. It would need at least 52 conservative MPs, in order to be able to write to Sir Graham Brady, to cause the vote.
  2. Boris Johnson looses the local election in May: Because Sue Grays verdict is ultimately voted on by the house of commons, the prime minister may have a chance of surviving until summer. However, it is getting less likely that he will win the local election, therefore humiliating himself. This may also lead to a vote of no confidence and he will still have to step down as party leader.
  3. Boris Johnson continues as prime minister to full term: Even though this is seeming highly unlikely, if the conservative party has a massive success within wiping out Covid, then he may survive. Although many people may not want this to happen, everyone wants the country back to normal, and if he can do this, then maybe BoJo might change peoples view about him. However, I feel it is a little too late for that.

I believe that these revelations have helped people realise that maybe it is not the best if a man with a parrot’s haircut and poor manners runs our country. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks.

Boris I’d start praying if I were you, you might need all the help you can get…

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