A Tree-mendous Guess Answers – Jaz S

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and had a fun New Year’s Eve, but we all know something was wrong. What you might ask? Well that gaping hole in your soul because you didn’t know which Christmas tree belonged to which teacher. Well fear not, here are the answers!

Tree 1– Ms Stone

Tree 2– Mr Martineau

Tree 3– Dr Ryan

Tree 4– Mr Johnson

Tree 5– Miss Taylor-Payne

Tree 6– Mrs Finley

Tree 7– Miss Cordukes

Tree 8– Miss Shopova

Tree 9– Mrs Condliffe

Tree 10– Mr Coleman

Tree 11– Mr Terry

Tree 12– Mrs Skau

Tree 13– Mr Hodson

Thank you to all who filled in the form, and well done to Yasmin R in year 11!

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