Should Christmas be celebrated earlier than the 1st December? – Tilly Jordan

There are three opinions on this: to celebrate Christmas earlier than the 1st December; celebrate Christmas on the 1st December or refuse to celebrate until after the 1st December. For example, I place myself into the category of celebrating Christmas as soon as I can. Some people might dread that infamous one liner Mariah Carey sings, ‘ All I want for Christmas is you’ or people might be already ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’.

I had this idea for the Bubble from the DeLeybourne Debate last year about Christmas celebrations with Mr Routledge and Mrs Routledge. This is a debate that always crosses families and friends, from playing Christmas songs out loud to turning into the Grinch. In the film  ‘Elf’, Buddy (portrayed by Will Ferrell) is the much jollier family member as he ‘wish[es] it could be Christmas everyday’ and on the contrast, his father Walter (played by James Caan) is the Grinch, but soon, he will find that love for Xmas again.

Netflix has already put up many Christmas films; ‘Nativity’, ‘The Grinch’, ‘The Holiday’, the list goes on. Some people might completely disagree with this and refuse to watch any Christmas films until December but others, like myself, have already watched a few of them and waiting for the rest to come.

To conclude, when you celebrate Christmas really depends on who you are. You might be the Grinch; you might be Mr Poppy (from Nativity) or Walter (from Elf). All of these characters have different views on Christmas. Some may find the love again for Christmas, some may never love Christmas (Bah Humbug!) or some will always love it.

If you do hate Xmas, don’t be a Scrooge, and make sure you definitely social distance from the rest of us this year!

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