The Comeback of Crocs – Lucy Dixon

Love them or hate them, they’re back. The marmite shoes of the modern world. Crocs.

With the summer already in season, (despite the recent horrendous weather) the only shoes you should be wearing are Crocs.

The foam clog shoes, made for comfort are back in fashion and you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of people wearing them this summer.

Crocs have been around since 2002 and have been universal since. Obviously they have seen a decrease in wear but then suddenly, every so often make their grand appearance, whether high-fashion versions, such as those by Christopher Kane (2017) or Balenciaga (2018), or their original classical style.

Christian Kane x Crocs

 Now when spotting a pair of crocs, take note on whether they’re in relaxed, comfort mode or sports mode. Relaxed mode allows comfort and for an easy slip-on slip off wear. But as soon as that back strap comes down, sports mode is in action, ready to move with speed.

If you are not a massive fan of the OG, classics crocs, and prefer and bit of increased height, the platform range may be more up your street, the normal platform crocs and the chunky crocs. I had never seen the normal platform crocs before writing this, however had frequently seen the chunky crocs all over Instagram and Pinterest. These platform crocs do have a more subtle approach with the added inches, however, if you’re really looking for a real ankle breaker the Balenciaga platform crocs may be your cup of tea, with a whopping 7.5-inch platform, although with a significant increased price compared to the average croc.

Balenciaga Crocs

If the platform range aren’t really for you, you could even spice your Crocs up with Jibbitz, making your Crocs one of a kind by customizing using the shoe charms. With the 13 holes in each shoe you have 26 spaces for Jibbitz to fill. Jibbitz have so many different designs that any thing you could want would most definitely be available. 

There are many different styles of Crocs to choose from for this summer, will you stick to the classics, head in the direction of the platforms or simply go for the Mr Mann look.

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