Do You Know What is Happening in Palestine? – Rosy F

For the past 100 years, tensions have been high between Israel and Palestine, whom both are fighting over Palestine. The background of the conflict started when the Ottoman Empire had been defeated after WW1 and Britain gained control of Palestine. At the time there was a small Jewish population and an Arab population but then the British named Palestine as a ‘national home’ for Jewish people. This angered the Arabic people because they were already living in Palestine and were opposed to moving. As more and more Jews arrived in Palestine, violence between the Arabs and Jews begun.

This caused the UN in 1947 to vote to split the country into Jewish and Arabic states, having Jerusalem become a international city, the Arabs refused this offer and it was never imposed. Therefore, after British rule left Palestine, Jewish leaders created the Israel state, which angered Palestinians and war arose. Israel was able to control a lot of the country by the time a cease fire was called a year later, with Egyptian and Jordanian forces occupying western provinces like Gaza. However, fighting has not stopped, even to this day. Most Palestinian refugees live in Gaza and have not been allowed to return to their homes in the west because Israeli forces have said it would threaten and overwhelm the Jewish state.

While each side blames the other, recently Palestinians in Gaza have voiced that the Israeli forces are restricting their freedom. After Ramadan of this year, there have been clashes with Israeli police because of the threatened evictions of Palestinian families. In addition, Israeli police stormed the Temple Mount, which is coined as the Noble Sanctuary for Muslims, injuring many people. The Hamas, Palestinian militants that control Gaza, sent rockets into Israel, whom responded by bombing Gaza and killing 20 people.

Social media has played a huge part in showing the catastrophic aftermath of bombing in Gaza, now with more than 250 killed. There are many instagram accounts that have provided educating posts swell as heart-wrenching videos of victims. Some good news is that humanitarian aid is being provided in Gaza, which the WHO warned would become overwhelmed with injured people.

However, even though Israel has attacked the innocent people of Palestine, there is no excuse for attacking the Jewish citizens. Antisemitic attacks are rising in USA, which has seen many demonstrations for Israel and Palestine, with incidents at 193. It is important to remember that the Jewish population are not responsible for the attacks, it is the government of Israel who should be held accountable.

Just a few days ago, Israel and Palestinian freedom fighters called a ceasefire after 11 days on conflict, but this is not the end. Although we can hope that in the near future, the fighting can be resolved, realistically neither side will admit fault or back down. Though it is important to stay educated on the matter and understand the politics behind the conflict!

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