The Death of PSCO Julia James – Megan B

On the 27th April, Julia James, a Police Support Community Officer (PSCO) aged 53 was found dead in Akholt Wood in Kent. It has been confirmed that she was murdered while on a walk with her dog Toby not far from her house in Snowdon. However, her killer has still not been identified and no suspects have been placed into custody.

The mystery of this case has baffled the Kent Police Department. It has now been over a week and there are still no suspects or motives, with the police using every forensic strategy to find the killer, even the possible DNA evidence from her dog Toby.

Unfortunately, the area in which Julia was murdered is rural woodland, that would most likely be only accessible on foot meaning a lack of witnesses, which is badly affecting the ability of the police in this case.

The Kent Police Department have provided a picture of Julia in the clothes she was wearing on the day with an image of her dog, and another of the surrounding area where she was killed, to enable others to come forward with any information.

Yet, Tom Richards the Assistant Chief Constable did not rule out that Julia was killed by a stranger or by someone she knew, or if it was due to struggle from her attacker attempting to steal her dog. It appears that with no further leads, the police are keeping a wide variety of options open.

Today we also learned that the UK Charity Crimestoppers has offered a reward of £10,000 to anyone with information about Julia James’ murder and urged people to come forward anonymously to help the killer “face up to the consequences of their violent actions”.

On Tuesday there was a heartwarming vigil for Julia James with lit candles being placed on doorsteps and online tributes to remember her as a caring woman who brought love and support to the community of Snowdon. Her daughter urged that tributes were kept within Covid guidelines and instead urged that people’s efforts go towards the investigation and helping the police to solve the case.

If you have any information on Julia’s disappearance please contact the Kent Police Department immediately.

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