The Bubble’s entertainment guide- Savannah Collis

The second edition of this new lockdown special. Some great recommendations from the bubble, your peers and teachers. If you have a great book, show or movie to recommend be sure to get in touch! Contact myself ( or anyone else from the Bubble team.

Box office hits:

Avengers (2012)

Rated 12

A modern classic superhero movie with an amazing cast of well-known actors and actresses alike. It features a band of heroes who are pitted against Loki, the god of mischief, and his Chitahuri army. Overall, it is a cliché action film with plenty of clever jokes embedded into the script to add a comedic aspect to it. It leaves the movie on a cliff-hanger and acts as the introduction to a four-part series, in which the character arcs of all of the main heroes are built upon and you will sure grow to love each and every one of them. I personally found this film a great watch. Rating: 9/10

-By J.Hawthorn


Rated 15

A tale of two families, Parasite may not, at first glance, seem like everyone’s cup of tea. Full disclosure, most of you will have to watch it with subtitles, unless you understand Korean. Don’t let that stop you! And don’t take my word for it – Bong Joon-ho’s comedy-drama about an impoverished family who infiltrate the household of a wealthier one was the first film not in the English language to take the top prize at the Oscars (2020). More disclosure, it gives lesson after lesson about the impact of inequality – the good news is you don’t feel like you are being taught at all. It is just when you keep thinking about it days and weeks later you might reflect on what you saw. It is sincere, and funny, and shocking and terrifying and…oh, just watch it! Rating 9/10.

-By Ms Wilcock

Lord of the rings:

Rated 12

After finishing Game of Thrones, when a friend recommended that I watch The Lord Of The Rings trilogy I was at first skeptical. From what I understood it shared many similarities with the show I had just watched and I wasn’t sure I was ready to delve into a new fantasy world full of deep characters and enormous battles. I was pleasantly surprised when I was instantly encapsulated into the world of Middle Earth and thoroughly enjoyed the films. The films have you following Frodo and his friend Samwise on a mission to destroy the ring of power and stop the evil forces of Mordor. The plot contains many minor details and intricacies making it a great and rewarding watch even on your second time through, however this can be a detriment on the first watch as there are points at which you may find yourself lost. They are fairly long movies coming in at over 9 hours for the trilogy, however if you can commit and concentrate for that long then they are definitely a worthwhile watch whilst adding an extra layer of understanding to some previously perhaps misunderstood pop culture references. Rating 8/10

-By F.Hartgrove



Rated PG

This John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John musical masterpiece is a must-watch. It is an iconic movie; which is the basis of a few Tik-Tok sounds, about the love story of new-girl, goody two-shoes Sandy Olsson and bad-boy gang leader of the ‘T-Birds’ Danny Zuko. This is what you would consider a chick-flic and may not appeal to some as it is very old school and full of singing. An overall funny and entertaining watch, a good family movie. Bubble rating 7/10.

Jurassic Park (the first film)

Rated PG

The Steven Spielberg classic is iconic and a cinematic classic, a film you can definitely re-watch. A great film for a lazy Sunday, you should definitely watch if you like the new Jurassic World films. Despite the films age and slightly outdated CGI/animatronics this is a great movie starring the likes of Sam Neill, Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern. Bubble Rating 8/10.


Schitt’s Creek

Rated 15

If you have not yet experienced the Netflix joy that is ‘Schitt’s Creek’, then lucky you! 6 seasons, containing a total of approximately 80 episodes, each one a joy. Some fans suggest you need to ‘get through’ the first two seasons before you become fatally hooked, but I was in from the beginning. The story revolves around a super-rich family losing everything they own and having to take up lodgings in a town they bought as a joke in their wealthier days. This is the very best of character driven comedy, and I defy you to not to fall madly in love with the Rose family as they adjust to their new circumstances. Ew, David! Rating 9/10.

-By Ms Wilcock

The Big bang theory

Rated 15

The first time I heard about the show was in year 8. I was very skeptical as it is a show about science and after doing yr7 science I wasn’t a fan of the subject. I put off watching the show for years, before finally caving in in year 9. Within the first 20 seconds the horrible sound of overplayed fake laughter was used. I wrote the show off immediately as it gave me Friends (the show) vibes. However, the summer holidays came and I had nothing to watch so I gave it another go and quickly found myself laughing with the fake laughter. It’s been 3 year and every time I watch the show I still laugh as if it is the first time I’ve watched it and still get sad as I near the end of the show.

My favourite character is obviously Sheldon, but a close second has to be Howard. Both characters are the sort of people you wonder how they have friends but also completely understand how hey do. In my opinion they make the show. The show also has 12 seasons and each season has about 20 episodes, this takes roughly 1-2 months to get through. I strongly recommend everyone who reads this watches the show as it will soon become your personal favourite and if anyone asks Gen plugged you. Rating 9/10.

-By G. A-Badu


Agatha Christie’s: Hercule Poirot series

Now is not the time for the serious, the self-help, or the misery memoir! (I am writing as someone who read the 2020 Booker prize winning ‘Shuggie Bain’ in the Christmas holidays so BELIEVE ME). When working hard all day, you deserve pure escapism in your reading habits. With that in mind, I am revisiting the classic Agatha Christie novels relating to the cases of the brilliant Hercule Poirot. Letting Monsieur Poirot do all the work whilst I simply enjoy the workings of his ‘little grey cells’ is lockdown heaven. If you want an updated version, Sophie Hannah has written 4 new Hercule tales that are (almost) as good as the originals. 

I am reliably informed the same effect can be had through the works of PG Wodehouse, but have not tried this myself (ssshhh….don’t tell the English department!) Rating 10/10

-By Ms Wilcock

The Adrian Mole collection

The comedic collection of books by Sue Townsend details the hilarious journey of Adrian Mole from adolescence through to adulthood throughout the books. A great read which I started when I was about 12 and really enjoyed the whole collection. A particularly witty and clever write by Townsend which I would highly recommend. Bubble rating 8.5/10.

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