Tiger Woods, is he finished? – Jason Sims

Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer, was involved in a severe car crash earlier last week. The result of such a crash was that both his tibia and fibula on his right leg was shattered. For those who might not be aware this means the leg broke in two ways and this makes it a severe injury. The reality is he will never play at his peak again. 

Tiger Woods has the most PGA tour wins of all time at 82 with 15 major wins tournament wins and 5 masters. The majority of these victories occurred from 1997-2007 and the fact he didn’t win at the highest level again until 2019 indicates he was already past his prime. Such an injury on his leg will likely result in him being unable to exercise for several months and while golf is not exactly a sport that relies on prime physical condition, this injury will leave its mark in two ways. Firstly, the months of inactivity will leave Woods unable to practice golf, the nuances in his technique will fade and this will make him a less competitive player. Secondly, months of inactivity will take their psychological toll, a severe crash is a traumatic experience before you consider the depressing reality of being bed bound for months. 

Considering this it is likely Woods, who’s age is only rising, will likely never be able to compete with the very best, who ultimately are much younger and technical players that will not lose out on months of practice. So, what should he do? This is ultimately a dilemma for many sporting icons who face injury, shall they return, or should they bathe in their former glory? In the case of Woods, a return to golf runs the risk that his comeback will be heavily monitored and scrutinised and should it disappoint, it can overpower his unrivalled legacy. 

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