Why MFL is important – Frankie Stenning

For many people in this school, languages is a subject that does not seem that important. This may be because of the constant advancements in technology making the need to learn languages appear less important. Perhaps it is simply just ignorance towards languages. However, languages can be useful.

In the RHS MFL department you have French, Spanish and German teachers who are all keen to spread their love of languages to the students. Learning languages can help to improve confidence because it teaches new communication skills. It makes you think about what you are planning to say to the other person. This helps everyone with their communication because shy people will feel more confident in their indigenous language and the naturally more confident of us will continue to speak out. As you learn a language, other methods of communication, not just  verbal, are also improved. For example, body language becomes more important because the vocabulary may not yet be known and so the next easiest way to communicate is with the body. 

Although technology is improving and removing the need to learn languages from a communication perspective it cannot remove the cultural education learning a language brings. When you learn a language you discover certain festivals or key parts to the culture connected with the language. It introduces things completely different to British culture and can give a new view on the world. Furthermore, it makes holidays to these countries much more interesting because you can immerse yourself into the culture and the way of life or simply just be able to express an interest in a place different to home. 

Learning languages also helps with job prospectives. It helps to improve memory as well as improve general cognitive functions because it exercises different parts of the brain. This in turn, catches the attention of employers because it shows an ability to understand a variety different things, work hard for a long time and be able to remember many things. It shows that you can work hard for a long time because a lot effort is needed for languages due to all the different rules and vocabulary. It also makes you stand out because less and less people are taking languages and therefore employers will be intrigued as to why you study a language but also the hidden skills it contains.

MFL is very important because of the impact it has on studying as well as life. It has many important factors that’s technology cannot replace. It helps to improve confidence and helps with certain functions of the brain. French, Spanish and German are also used in many countries and will make holidays more enjoyable if you can communicate with the locals.

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