Prefect Thought of the Week – Acknowledging Tradition, Harry Hindley

Our school has a long history, having been navigating success since 1712. In that long history many traditions have formed, from divisions to writing speeches the night before they are needed.

However it is not just within schools like ours that we find traditions, we find them in our everyday lives as well. These can take many forms, one that I had pointed out to me recently was that, in some families, middle names can be a tradition, with the same one being passed on from generation to generation, do you know if you have such a name?

I was inspired to write this speech after having a conversation with a teacher, about how traditions within our school seem to be fading. Largely I’m talking about the smaller traditions, I’m sure if I said “LOBS” many younger pupils will have no idea what I mean, although even traditions as large as divisions seem to hold less importance, it is the many smaller traditions that truly give our school it’s individual personality. Now you may be wondering what the point of this speech is, and it’s not just to moan that traditions are not being passed on, I want to encourage you to speak to older people, within school talk to the seniors, find out about these smaller traditions, as they are as much a part of the schools identity as divisions or chapel.

Beyond school, talk to your parents, grandparents or other elders you know, as they too may have many interesting stories and traditions to tell you, whether that be the reason behind your middle name or something entirely different.

So please, talk to those older than you, as they will not always be there, find out what they know now before it is too late, otherwise all that rich tradition and history will be lost, and our school or your families could lose crucial aspects of what sets them apart.

Adam Warren

I am a Contributor for the RHS Bubble

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