Harrow football… what? – Holly Folkard-Smith

A simple breakdown of the game is that 2 teams consisting of 11 players attempt to win by scoring more bases (goals) than the other.


Not so posh now

However, unlike the notoriously boring game of football, players are allowed to using part of their body (mostly their arms and hands) to propel the ball. You are also allowed to barge oppositional players who are dribbling with the ball, making it slightly more exciting than regular football. Being as posh as Harrow are the word they use instead of the word ‘tackle’ is ‘boshing’…and to perform a ‘bosh’ a player must shoulder barge a member of the oppositio, however a ‘bosher’ may never raise his arms or use his elbows. In addition the 18 by 12inch leather football tends to soak up mud and water, eventually becoming extremely heavy- which shouldn’t be a problem for the RHS 1st Harrow Football team consisting of Will Kempster and Louis Gibson. To score a ‘base’ a player must kick the ball over the goal line which is marked out by what looks like rugby posts with the crossbar removed (i.e.- two poles in the ground 6 yards apart)

In many senses Harrow football is a highly diluted form of rugby with ‘boshing’, corner throws (which are similar to the formation of a ‘line-out’) and the ball must either be pasted backwards or forwards and run onto from behind (never directly passed to a player in front) And much like RHS, Harrow celebrate Harrow football through the means of singing of Harrow Songs from the well known “Yards” song to “Plump-a-Lump”- oh so very Harrow.

The popularity of Harrow football as spread across many schools recently such as Eton, Mossbourne Academy, The John Lyon School and now RHS! The very first RHS Harrow football match (at home) will take place this SUNDAY at 11AM!!! If you’re too busy doing nothing on Sunday after brunch pop down to the fields to support the guys.

Team Sheet:

Time: 11AM
Location: FIELDS

Manager: Peter Dwerryhouse
Head Coaches: Tom Paddon & Mr. Terry
Water Boy: Will Kempster

1 John Wells (Captain)
2 Louis Gibson
3 Rob Day
4 Charlie Jenkins
5 Toby Braybrooke
6 Max Wou Smith
7 Henry Wilkins
8 Tom Ponsonby
9 Elliot Chilvers
10 Billy Amas
11 Cameron Jordan
12 Ben Spier
13 Will Kempster

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