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The legend of the Grey Lady

At The Royal Hospital School there are many mysteries and myths that no one can answer. The Grey Lady, however, is definitely the most intriguing of all and her spotted place of her whereabouts, the tower and Blake.

The Grey Lady; is she haunting RHS?

The legend

During the early 1900s whilst the school was beginning to be moved from Greenwich to Ipswich, a lady was painting the top of the tower a turquoise colour. Whilst painting she suddenly slipped and fell to her death! However, conspiracies go around such as that she was pushed or that someone cut her rope; unfortunately there is no proof of this happening. To this day her ghost haunts the clock tower and Blake, where people have claimed to have spotted her.
Here are the anonymous people that we interviewed who had first hand paranormal experiences.

The Grey Lady’s artistic influence on RHS…


We asked people in school about their thoughts on The Grey Lady, many people claimed on experiencing hauntings of the Grey Lady’s terrorising, especially in the Blake girls boarding corridors…

‘ I was alone and I was going back to my dorm, but as I passed by the Nightingale dorm I heard talking so I opened the door. It went silent. No one was there.’

‘ When we were in Blake every night we would all hear loud foot steps running through the corridor and the light would turn on, however when we opened the door, no one would be there. We never found the source of the noise and it frightened all the girls and knew it couldn’t be one of us playing a trick.’

‘ During the night whilst the estate people were outside with torches searching for something I wasn’t sure about, there was a lady in the window. They stared at each other. The women was more scared than the estate man and suddenly….. she was gone.

The home of the Grey Lady?

The Grey Lady is still an unsolved frightening mystery and will terrorise the tower and Blake for many years to come. Or even forevermore

Written by Freya Mcwhinney.
Edited by Isabel Fuentes.
Photography by Izzy Scrag.
Research and interviewers by Florie Owens, Silvia Climent and Matilda Gladwell.
Manager Molly Carroll.

PC Du Toit

CWD - Y11

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