Support Staff Profiles: Adam Hubbard from Estates

Ollie Moore (OM) and Oliver Goodwin- Day (OGD) interview one of RHS’ estates team, Adam Hubbard (AH), to find out a little more about the people who make the school tick. 

AH: Good afternoon!

OGD: Nice to meet you Mr Hubbard.

OM: So, how long have you served here at RHS?

AH: Just over 3 years. About 3 and a half.

OM: And what does your job include?

AH: I’m now in charge of running the sports fields.

OM: I suppose you help with the mowing or organising that?

AH: Yup, I organise and also do it myself; we all help out.


OM: How did you find a job at RHS?

AH: I actually applied for a job here about 16 to 17 years ago. I got the job originally, but I got offered a promotion where I was working at the time, so I stayed there. But it turns out that I meant to be here; I heard about new jobs and went for it again.

OM: What were your first impressions of the school when you first came here?

AH: Well even before coming here a few years ago, I did work experience here and it was all quite regimental then. Kids had to march down the corridors on a certain side which seemed very, very strict. I see it looking very relaxed now; do you feel the same?

OM: Yeah, I’d say so. When I first came here we had to march up in a squad up to breakfast and stuff, but they sort of stopped that before I came here as a year 7. I suppose it would have got you practice for when divisions came around.


OM: On a different note; our secret sources told us that you are a fan of carpet bowling.

AH: I am, yes!

OM: We were wondering if you could sum up carpet bowling in 3 words?

AH: Tactical, frustrating and… a modern game!

OM: Hm… That’s 4 words.

AH: Close though!

OGD: How did you become interested in it?

AH: Well my father-in-law plays it and he kept pestering me to give it a go, and I said one day ‘Ok I’ll come along this time’, just as a joke and I actually really enjoyed it.

OGD: How long have you been playing for?

AH: I’ve only been playing for around 2 years.


OM: Do you do any other sports?

AH: Football would be my favourite and best. I’ve just retired from playing football.

OM: I suppose you played Sunday league?

AH: Yeah with all my football mates. I played every Saturday and Sunday.

OM: Where did you do that then? In Ipswich?

AH: No, very close to here in Shotley.

AH: Yeah I played there right from the age of 6, so I sort of progressed to the Sunday leagues.

OGD: Do you enjoy watching sports as well as playing football?

AH: Yeah, I’m generally into sports, I really enjoy watching football on the TV as well rugby. I haven’t played rugby as much though.

OM: I suppose if you grew up in Shotley, you must have went to the football club there?

AH: I certainly did. Born and bred in Suffolk just down the road from here.


OGD: If you could do any other job in the school, what would it be?

AH: That’s a good question! So I’ve just been promoted to the manager of the sports fields, so I’d just like to progress in that really.

OM: Do you ever see being in Mr Griffiths’ role some day?

AH: Cor Blimey! Yeah, I’d like to think I could be up there…

OM: And have your own office and everything!

AH: Yeah and be important! But, it would be nice to go to get to the top some day with lots of hard work.

OM: What’s your opinion on the new kit you guys have been issued with?

AH: I like it, I’m a really big fan of it. I’ve heard a lot of moans and groans about it though. I think we all look a bit more modern, with the times. It’s comfortable and easy to wash. It gets a bit chilly in the winter on the other hand! Yeah, I think it’s a good step forward.


OGD: What’s your favourite memory of being here so far?

AH: Well, I’ve only been here a short time, but last year’s end of year divisions was really nice. The parade was impressive; it was one of the good moments I’ve experienced. You look back and you think ‘Wow’, I’m really pleased that I could experience the old traditions as it’s always special.

OGD: And do you wish you could have come here as a child?

AH: Definitely. Look at all the opportunities you kids have, it’s almost an honour to be able to experience this all at a young age. You’re all privileged, you have everything around you here; the reservoir, the beautiful views…

OM: And a beautiful looking sports field that’s kept in top condition by you and your colleges.

AH: Well we try our best! I just think you as students are blessed with the mass of opportunities you’re given. I would have certainly appreciated coming here as a child.

OM: Well I think that’s about it! Thanks very much for your time.

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