Molly’s Monthly Music Mix – Molly Freeman

In a new series, I set to widen your musical taste and let you have a gander at the tunes I’ve been listening to every month. Without further ado, here are my 10 top tracks for November:


  1. The Man – Feel It Still

A fun-feeling song! This track is just simply cheery and with a strong bass throughout, it gets very catchy; seriously, you’ll be singing it all day afterwards. I also happen to know it is one of Zac Efron’s favourite songs right now.


  1. Mallrat – For Real

Just another song about love you may think… Well, yes but we all have guilty pleasures for love songs. For Real is chill and relaxing and also has a synth background noise, which is a bit like the “mine” of the pelicans in Nemo. I would say if your not a fan of repetition don’t listen.

  1. Jack Vallier – Rebekah

This song has been given large recognition on Spotify and for good reason. It is a slow song and it screams (or perhaps soothingly moans) minimal pop. About an ex-girlfriend, it’s not the happiest song but it is very emotive and worth a listen.

  1. Just Jack – Stars In Their Eyes

Throwback to 2007; I remember when this song came out and I would have it on repeat. If you don’t listen to the lyrics, it’s a feel-good tune but the message has far more gravitas. Jack Allsopp summarises the culture of instant celebrity and how it comes crashing down, which I believe is still relevant today.

  1. Royal Blood – I Only Lie When I Love You

I love this song; with all Royal Blood songs the combination of drum and bass is impressive with instantly appealing lyrics, which stay in your mind. A great song to lip-sync in the mirror to!

  1. Evergreen – Golden Fire

A recent find of mine. Their vibe gives an alt-J or Everything Everything feel. I find this song good to work to because it’s slow and almost lullaby-like (maybe not a good song to work to, rather one to sleep to). Whenever you listen to this song, it will immediately make you feel calm.

  1. Alt-J – In Cold Blood

Speaking of alt-J… If you like Breezeblocks, you’ll like this; they are very similar. I find alt-J have a funky, calm pop nature and always make me feel cool when I listen to them.

  1. Hayley Kiyoko – Feelings

As a public figure for the LGBT community, Kiyoko shows her confidence in her sexuality through her lyrics. Following on from Girls Like Girls (another good one, check it out), Kiyoko explains the butterflies we all feel at the beginning of a relationship.

  1. Lorde – Liability

Lorde always has good songs and here’s another. Liability is much slower and more of a ballad than most of her songs but it has a strong meaning we should all resonate with. Lorde said she found every relationship of hers ends because of fame and the struggles which come with it and she wrote this because she wanted to remember she always has herself to rely on. Something to keep in mind…

  1. Viola Beach – Call You Up

Another chill-pop track. Another love song. Before you decide you don’t want to listen already, this song has such meaningful lyrics that work so well over the melody. It’s just romantic but easily can be listened to anyone who doesn’t want to be serenaded by a boy.

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