Rupert Todd PRESS STATEMENT: ‘I’m a Tory, in case you didn’t know.’ – Conservative Manifesto

Having neglected to mention the name of his party during this morning’s assembly, Rupert called a break-time press conference in which he stated:

‘I’m a Tory.’

And here’s his manifesto.

Over the last seven years, we have put our country back on the right track. Seven years ago, Britain was on the brink. As the outgoing Labour Treasury Minister put it with brutal candour, ‘there is no money’. Since then, we have turned things around.

Britain is now one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. We are getting our national finances back under control. We have halved our deficit as a share of our economy. More people are in work than ever before. Britain is back on its feet, strong and growing stronger every day.

This has not happened by accident. It is the result of difficult decisions and of patiently working through our long-term economic plan. Above all, it is the product of a supreme national effort, in which everyone has made sacrifices and everyone has played their part.

It is a profound Conservative belief that our country is made great not through the action of government alone, but through the flair, the ingenuity and hard work of the British people – and so it has proved the last five years.

We can be proud of what we have achieved so far together, and especially proud that as we have taken hard decisions on public spending, we have protected the National Health Service, with 9,500 more doctors and 6,900 more nurses, and ensured generous rises in the State Pension.

Our friends and competitors overseas look at Britain, and they see a country that is putting its own house in order, a country on the rise. They see a country that believes in itself. But our national recovery remains a work in progress. It is fragile, and with the wrong decisions, it could easily be reversed.

So the central questions at this election are these: how do we maintain our economic recovery, upon which our ambitions for our country depend? And how do we make sure that the recovery benefits every one of our citizens, at every stage of their lives?

This Manifesto sets out our plan to do just that. It is a plan for a better future – for you, for your family. It is a plan for every stage of your life. For your new-born baby, there will be the world’s best medical care. For your child, there will be a place at an excellent school. As you look for your first job, we are building a healthy economy that provides a good career for you with a decent income. As you look for that first home, we will make sure the Government is there to help. As you raise your family, we will help you with childcare. And as you grow older, we will ensure that you have dignity in retirement.

Throughout, we will make sure that if you or your family fall ill, you will always be able to depend on our cherished National Health Service to give you the care you need.

And in an increasingly dangerous and uncertain world, we will fulfil the most basic duty of government – to defend our country and keep it safe.

But all of these things depend on a strong and growing economy. So as you consider how to vote, I hope you will ask this: which party is best placed to keep our economy strong? The team which has delivered the growing economy we have today, which created more jobs since 2010 than the rest of the European Union put together; or the party which left behind a ruined economy just seven short years ago?

Now is a time to build on the progress we have made, not to put it all at risk. This Manifesto is our plan of action – our plan to take our amazing country forward. Above all, it is a plan for you.


The Key Points that conservative in are manifesto are :


An economic Plan for you and your family

        Keep our economy surplus to pay down our debt

        Increase the tax free personal allowance to £12,500 and the 40p income tax      threshold to £55,000

        Commit to no increase in VAT 

        Crack down on non domestic and other tax evaders

        Pursue an ambition to become the most prosperous major economy by 2030s


Better lifestyle for all 

        Invest in infrastructure to attract business and good jobs across the UK 

        Make your life easier by more and faster trains, more roads and more cycle routes

        Keep community rail fares frozen 

        Roll out universal broadband and better mobile phone connection


Jobs for all

        Help business create two million new jobs, so we can achieve near full employment 

        Give businesses the most competitive taxes of any major economy

        Back small firms with a major business rate review

        Support three million new apprentice to acquire new skills


Cutting your taxes and building a fairer welfare system

         Cut income tax for 30million people and taking anyone who earns less than £13000 out of income tax altogether

         Pass a new law so that nobody working 30 hours on the minimum wage pays income tax on what they earn

         Raising the income tax threshold £55,000

         Cap overall welfare spending, lower the amount of benefits a household can receive to £23,000 and continue to roll out universal credit, to make work pay

         Bring in tax free child care to support parents back into work and give working parents of children 3-4 free 30 hours of childcare a week



         Keep our ambition to move immigration to the tens of thousands

         Skilled migrants will reserve a priority depending on the nations need for skill set 

         A new consortium will be set up in-between common wealth countries which will include trade agreements and possible fast track migration

         Develop a fund to ease pressure on local areas and public services


Giving your child the best start in life 

         Ensure a good primary school for your child 

         Turn every failing and costing secondary school into an academy

         Help teachers to make Britain a leader in the world for stem subjects

         Create 3 million new apprenticeship

         Allow the government to fund further education for high achieving children


Protecting our NHS

         Continue to increase are spending on the NHS, supported by a growing economy

         We will spend an additional £8 billion pounds by 2020 on the NHS

         Integrated health and social care

         Lead the world in cancer treatment and also dementia cures


Enable you to enjoy our heritage

         Keep our major national museums open

         Support school sports to fight childhood obesity

         Freeze the bbc license

         Protect our nations free media


Helping you buy a home

         Keep mortgage low with the economic plan

         Build new homes that people can afford 

         Ensure local people have more say over planning


A Britain standing tall

         Push British agenda in the larger world with our soft power

         Help  generate foreign trade 

         Maintain and increase our world class armed forces



         Re assess our position on Brexit and if we leave we will have a hard brexit 

         Try to establish a friendly relationship with Europe      


Fox Hunting to be a licensed and eventually disbanded


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