Author: Max Arnold

Musings from a peninsula

A glance at House of the Dragon

It has been three years since the unforgivable and heart-destroying finale of the mega-popular HBO show Game of Thrones. Three years of crying, complaining and petitioning to have it re-made. Finally, they have come back for redemption. Risen from the embers of season 8 has come the canonical spin-off sequel to the original show. Finally.…
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Meet the Prefects – Max A

It is that time of the year when once again we must say goodbye to our beloved year 13 prefects. But while I will leave the goodbye article to one of my fellow writers, it is my job to show the positive side of the equation, NEW PREFECTS! For all those paying attention, the prefect…
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Blood of the North. My fantasy novel – Max A

As I alluded to frequently in my previous article, I have been writing a novel since around September. Although that was when I first put fingers to keyboard, the idea had been rattling around in my head for much longer, almost a year in the works. Although I do not expect my book to be…
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