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The Bubble’s entertainment guide- Savannah Collis

A new lockdown special has arrived to the bubble; this is a new segment that gives

Thoughts on religion- Toby Chavasse

In my opinion, God doesn’t exist. There is nothing after death. We are alive due to

Lisa Montgomery: was her death justified?- Jessie Jordan

Since July 2020, Trump administrated 13 executions, 5 of which have occurred in the past month,

Introducing ‘This Week I…’ – Freya H-S

No matter how accustomed we have become to staying at home, cabin fever and the lockdown

Christmas movies to watch this year- Jessie Jordan

The Polar Express (U)- A timeless classic surrounding the annual Christmas mystery- Does Santa exist? Following

The Importance of Bees- Miss Gitsham

Last week I gave a presentation to The Riddle Society on ‘Bees.’ My main focus was

Should Christmas be celebrated earlier than the 1st December? – Tilly Jordan

There are three opinions on this: to celebrate Christmas earlier than the 1st December; celebrate Christmas

The importance of perspective – Toby Chavasse

Perspective. Your often told to go and get ‘it’, but its not as though you can

5 Craziest things that Diego Maradona has ever done – Fin Keating

Diego Armando Maradona. Love him or hate him, he is arguably one of the greatest to

International Men’s Day – Jessie Jordan

Thursday 19th November marks International Men’s Day, but how many people actually recognise this? I got