What Type of Pasta Are You? – Rosy F

It is the quiz you all have been waiting for! I know how much people, including myself, love pasta so I wanted to give you the opportunity to discover which pasta represents your personality the best. Answer these 5 simple questions and see whether you could be spaghetti, penne or even mafaldine!

Disclaimer: There is no scientific research behind this and is solely based on my personal opinions.

  1. A sixth former tells you to ‘spaghett out of my way!’, what do you do next?

A. nothing, there is no point

B. You make a massive scene and they run away scared

C. You tell a teacher

D. You insult them in front of all their friends

E. You call them something so mean that a teacher tells you off

F. You say sorry, even though it was not your fault

2. Your friend tells you that sadly their hamster pasta away, how do you comfort them?

A. A simple pat on the back

B. You don’t notice, its not about you

C. You give them a big hug

D. You make a joke out of it, getting them to laugh

E. You tell them to get over it, hamsters only live for 2 years

F. You buy them comfort snacks

3. Your significant other takes you on a ramentic date, what are you doing on the date?

A. A Music concert

B. Dinner at a restaurant

C. Hiking

D. A comedy night

E. To a general knowledge quiz

F. To a pottery class

4. you pasta your driving test, where do you go first?

A. The beach

B. To another party

C. Straight back home

D. To your friends house

E. To the library

F. To pick up your sibling from school

5. What is your ideal career? The pasta-abilities are endless!

A. An artist

B. An actor

C. The Prime-minster

D. A Comedian

E. A Lawyer

F. A Doctor

Now the Results!

Mostly A’s = Macaroni

You are a very chilled and easy going person but sometimes forget to check your phone for weeks on end. You are not a fan of confrontation and prefer to go with the flow of life.

Mostly B’s = Ravioli

You are a drama queen and always want to be the centre of attention. You can be quite intimidating but once people get to know you, they find out your a very loyal person.

Mostly C’s = Spaghetti

You are the mum/ dad of the group, you are very responsible and rational. People often come to you for advice but you can sometimes come across as bossy.

Mostly D’s = Mafaldine

You are the joker of the group, always trying to make people laugh and down for any adventure that comes your way. Although, you tend to get in your own head and appear very moody.

Mostly E’s = Penne

You are an intellect, always doing your prep or in the library with your nose in a book. However, at times your honesty causes more harm…

Mostly F’s = Lasagne

You are a sweetheart, always caring for your friends. You are the perfect shoulder to cry on and treat everyone with undeserved kindness.

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