My opinion on your favourite Easter chocolate- Jessie Jordan

As one final bubble article in my time at RHS, what better way for me to express my thoughts than telling you my opinion on your favourite Easter chocolate? I could have spoken about covid, politics, human rights, but no, chocolate is all that is on my mind as Easter Sunday approaches. So here we are, full circle since I told you which chocolate bar you are…

The Mighty Creme Egg: 8/10

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If your heart belongs to the creme egg, I must say you have good taste, although a little unoriginal- no edgy people here, thanks! I do love a creme egg, and you definitely need a sweet tooth to adore this Easter Chocolate- for me, one is certainly enough but I have a lot of respect for anyone who can finish a pack of five!

Mini Eggs: 9/10

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An absolute classic- anyone who can’t stomach mini eggs evidently need to have another pack immediately. I was adamant each colour tasted different when I was younger, with blue being my all-time favourite. In comparison to the creme egg, mini eggs are slightly more dangerous, as you run the risk of eating a whole pack in a matter of minutes, or seconds.

Lindt Bunny: 15/10

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In my opinion, Lindt is the chocolate version of fine dining; it is absolutely divine (and that’s an understatement!). There is something incredibly special about biting a bunny’s head off and enjoying the spirit of Easter*. Lindt is an iconic Easter chocolate, and the bunny paws and carrots add a scenic mastery to the world of chocolate (not to mention, are incredibly exciting as part of an Easter egg hunt).

*I should clarify, I am joking, I am really a vegetarian

Thornton’s Chocolate Egg: 5/10

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I will admit the low scoring may come from a place of jealousy. I have never had one, but I always wanted a personalised one from Thornton’s. I’m not even sure if Thornton’s is still open but I always used to oggle at these eggs through the window and think how fancy they were. Very high quality chocolate is remarkable, but sometimes you do just need a bit of Cadbury’s for Easter.

Oreo Easter Eggs: 3/10

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Nothing more to say I dislike them greatly. Will eat if they are the only option.

Cadbury’s Egg ‘n’ Spoon: 10000000/10

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These are the OG Easter chocolate- nothing hurt me more than when they discontinued the vanilla flavour filling. The excitement of biting the top off and using a little spoon to get the middle out was unmatched throughout my plethora of Easter Sundays, so these have a particularly special place in my heart!

Mars Ester Egg: 6/10

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With regards to the actual chocolate egg, I am not the biggest fan of plain nestle chocolate, the real joy arises from the chocolate bars you get in the egg as well. I love Mars Bars, so these make up massively for the slightly disappointing chocolate egg!

So here is my opinion piece on Easter chocolate, I hope that everyone gets a huge amount of chocolate this year, I am definitely hoping for a Lindt bunny!

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