A Bubble Editor’s Journey – Ellie Hewes

When I received the email from Mr Hodson explaining how this would probably be the last time I would write for the Bubble, it made me realise how in just over 10 weeks, I will be leaving RHS and moving onto the next chapter of my life. At the start of year 13, I felt excited, but also somewhat nervous about moving on from the safe Bubble of RHS (excuse the pun!) One realizes that this is the last year and just like any year, I looked to delve into as many opportunities as I could. However, this email from Mr Hodson to the Bubble editors was the first time that the prospect of leaving had been put into writing and I must say, I was met with a flurry of emotions.

Before we came back after lockdown number three, I was excited to move onto the next chapter of my life, which I am still uncertain about. I was looking forward to venturing out into university life or travelling abroad (if we are allowed). However, as I get closer to this prospect, I am getting increasingly nervous and uncertain about leaving; I guess this is only normal. Over the past few weeks, my mind has been focused on the assessments, however now these are over (well the first set anyway), I am increasingly thinking about the fact that I will be leaving this safe haven and venturing out into the real world. Due to these thoughts, I decided that it would be fitting to write my last Bubble article about leaving. However, I still think that it is too early to write a leaver’s speech, explaining how I have grown as a person, as I still have 10 weeks left (which is what I am holding onto). Therefore, as this article marks the end of my time as a Bubble editor, I decided to write an article as my time as a Bubble editor, which will hopefully encourage others to participate more in the Bubble in the upcoming years.

I joined the Bubble in year 9 and it was mainly as a result of Mr Hodson repeatedly asking our English class at the time to participate. I distinctly remember being sat in the classroom and deciding that I would go along to one of the Bubble meetings, which took place in those times on a Monday at lunch. I went along and I remember there being two individuals in younger years and the rest were, from what I can remember, sixth formers who were really friendly (albeit intimidating at first to little year 9 me). As I walked out the door, having given my idea for an article nervously to the team, PC Du Toit approached me and asked for a squash game. At this point, I didn’t know what to say, but I knew that I would probably win, and it would probably make the sixth formers seem less intimidating.

After defeating PC, I decided to write my first Bubble article, which was on the topic of Prince Harry’s proposal to Meghan Markle. It was probably not the best, but Mr Hodson’s humorous captions made it much better (thanks, Sir!) I soon got into the swing of things, writing a few articles every few weeks and these would be on topics usually concerning International Relations. I found that the Bubble was a great way to delve further into your interests and into the news and I think it developed my interest in world events as I started to understand them more.

Over the years, I have been able to be satirical about the various political leaders, such as Amber Rudd and Nigel Farage (I almost feel like Laura Kunssberg!) I have also been able to use the Bubble to help my academic studies, publishing articles to help me with my EPQ and my year 10 GCSE English speech. However, what I have most liked about the Bubble is the participation which you can have with others, from a variety of years.

Though at times, it has been hard to fit writing a weekly article around schoolwork and other commitments, being a Bubble editor has been a rewarding experience and one which will be a factor I look back on as part of my time at RHS. I will miss the weekly meetings and the occasional biscuits and benes we receive for our input from Mr Hodson (thank you again Sir!)

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