What are Year 11’s Lockdown Confessions? – Ellie Hewes

Join us for another week of lockdown confessions!! This week we have four year 11 pupils who have been brave enough to share what they have been up to! If you are interested in writing a confession for next week, please do not hesitate to email me!

Toby Chavasse

Lockdown confessions!? Where to start? I’m guilty of watching 8 seasons of Modern Family within a 3 week period… but that could be worse! I go through half a packet of Hobnobs each day… but I reckon I can get that up to a full packet if I put the effort into it. Oh I know what the jackpot is!  My mates and I have taken to a cheeky game of Charades now and then at the beginning of lessons when people are logging on. Its great fun! I 100% recommend it! Just make sure you stop clucking like a chicken before your teacher logs on!

Toby has certainly achieved lots and he is even setting himself more goals!

Izzy Scragg

Since we have gone into the third lockdown I have relatively enjoyed my time at home, although at times it does feel like I am living Groundhog Day. I spend every day doing the same thing, which is generally waking up 5 minutes before tutor , attending lessons, exercising when I can and then binging a Netflix show before bed alongside multiple cups of tea . Recently , I have been watching the live action Winx Club Show on Netflix. Winx was a show I used to watch when I was younger and although I had my doubts about the show prior to watching it as they had taken out key characters, such as  Techna and Flora I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend the show to anyone who is into a coming of age teen show.

Besides binge watching Netflix shows, another lockdown coping mechanism for me has been online shopping. I have spent almost all of my Christmas money already on various clothing websites, doing the regular thing of tracking my parcel minutes after I’ve ordered something and impatiently waiting for an item to come expecting it to come immediately. For me, the highlight of online shopping is when the parcel arrives and you open it not knowing what is inside.

Izzy seems to be in a lockdown paradise!

Rose Dixon

Whilst I haven’s been binging (that much) TV, I have found a similarly time consuming activity, which has taken up large amounts of both me and my mum’s time. Puzzles. We have gone through what feels like thousands and thousands of brightly coloured pieces. This was a fun activity from first lockdown which quickly developed into a habit through the second and third. My father looks begrudgingly over me and my mum on the floor scattered with pieces while we spend hours staring at the same picture over and over. But the triumphant feeling that we get from completing one; it gives us the strength to start the next!

You can already imagine Mr Dixon’s face when he wants to hoover but there are small pieces of puzzle everywhere!

Carrie Butler

Lockdown has been challenging for us all, with cold weather and people at home more. This is why my cats have decided to stay indoors much more than usual, which comes with its own challenges for us, their humans, as we have to entertain them whilst also doing work and online lessons. This is what leads to my confession. My cats spend half their day on my lap and the other half on my bed. I’m not admitting that they’re on my lap during lessons, but I’m not denying it, so there is no proof in this confession either way. However, I do believe that during lockdown our pets, and our families, are our bedrock that keep us going though these challenging and unusual times.

Well at least the cat is interested in the lesson (if it was there…)

And that completes this week’s Lockdown Confessions! Please do not hesitate to email me if you are interested in getting involved (staff and pupils!)

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