Meet the Year 12 Editors – Isabella L

Considering most Year 12 editors have made their debut on the Bubble in the last few weeks, I figured now was the perfect time to formally introduce us all


Hi I’m Molly, I’m taking Classics, Maths and Geography (a bit of a weird mix, I know!) and I joined the bubble because it looked fun. I will probably just write whatever comes to mind, so expect some variety.


Hi I’m Tilly. I take Classics, French and Politics. I joined The Bubble to write about sports, but my main focus is rugby. If you couldn’t tell, by the pic I’m a big fan- GO CHERRY WHITE!


Hi I’m Phoebe, I take Geography, Psychology and English Lit and I’ve joined to impress Mr Hodson (don’t tell him that, though).


I have a photo from Mim, but no quote :(. I’d tell you what she takes, but I haven’t got a clue. English Lit????


Hi I’m Harriet, I take psychology, DT and history. I decided to join the bubble because I enjoyed reading them, so why not write them! I’m mainly going to focus on writing about stuff in school, which I hope you’ll enjoy.


I’m Tasha and I take Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics (defo not regretting it at all… defo). Like Harriet, I joined because I’ve been reading articles and so it was natural progression to become an editor.


Saved the best until last… I’m Isabella, I take Politics, English Lang and Classics (in which I spend most my time doodling over ‘important people’). Bubble reader turned Bubble writer. There’s no clues as to what I’m writing next, I don’t even know myself.

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