Tom’s X-co top tips – Tom L

It’s the time of the year that everyone has been waiting for, the inter-house cross-country competition. Probably the most anticipated event in the whole of the school calendar. With the lengths of the courses still unknown, the route we’ve been sent seemingly running through the middle of school and changes in the course since last year, there’s definitely a nervous atmosphere around the school. However, with my 7 years of RHS x-co experience and believe it or not actually winning it once (subtle flex), I feel obliged to pass on my wisdom in my final bubble article. 

Firstly, do it. This seems pretty obvious; however, it seems to be the case that every year hundreds of people suddenly feel unwell, or have suffered a somewhat minor injury, the health centre becomes awash with feckless individuals who can’t be bothered to run. To those of you thinking of doing this, I would like to make you aware of a few things. Firstly, it doesn’t really matter where you come – no one really cares, so long as you give it a go. Find some mates to run with and jog around the course. Secondly, the longest course is the senior boys, and that won’t even be over 6k. You really don’t need to run the whole thing but at least jog parts of it and make an effort for your house. Thirdly, running is good for you, it releases endorphins that will make you happy, and that’s before you being to mention the myriad physical health benefits. If you’ve never tried distance running before, you may enjoy it just enough to continue on with it. Finally, be aware of what you eat and when you eat it. Personally, I can’t eat anything for around 3 hours before I run, however this ranges from person to person, as I know many who can eat up to 30 mins prior. I would suggest you work with your body. Don’t go skipping mess, but just be aware of what you’re eating if you want to perform your best. Also, drink lots of water (not too soon before the race). 

Final tip, have fun. Yes, it’s cringey, and very much a cliché, however it is true. It’s more about house spirit than anything else, so get out there and compete for your house, race a friend, run in a group, get a new PB, or try and win the whole thing. Whatever the case might be, give it a go, have some fun and get to that finish line. 

Here are some words I would use to describe people who are looking to get out of having to do it (without a good reason): useless, feckless, pointless, lazy, selfish, stupid, irritating, repulsive, boring, apathetic, and most of all, coward. 

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